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40 SHOW TIME NANCY LITTLEJOHN FINE ART'S BOLD DEBUT Catherine D. Anspon surveys the scene. Photography Chris P. Bachman. A fter a hiatus of more than a decade, Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art has re-entered the Texas art world. The original gallery was an edgy downtown venue; the new iteration resides in River Oaks in a historic modernist building thought to be designed by Houston architectural firm Morris/Aubry. The big reveal of the new art space was also the opening of Houston artist Paul Kremer's exhibition. Kremer is on the national and international circuit, with recent exhibitions in Marfa, Brussels, and San Francisco. His deft, minimalist color-field canvases have been praised by Raphael Rubinstein, a national critic who currently teaches at the University of Houston. Details at the debut included a turntable manned by DJ Nathan Looney, who pumped up Kremer's personal Spotify list of late '70s/ early '80s punk and post-punk tracks. Armandos Taco Truck was there, and Snow Leopard Vodka cocktails made the rounds. Who was there from the art world? Everyone, it seemed. One insider called the scene a perfect mix of the best of Houston … old and new guard, art-lovers and artists, philanthropists and influencers. Artist and art dealer Dan Allison shouted in our ear, "This is the most excitement we've had at an opening since the '80s. Tonight reminds me of DuBose Gallery on Kirby Drive, Saturday night, back in the day." (continued on page 42) Bill Arning, Evan Garza, Jessica Phifer Jack Massing, Mary Cullen Danielle & Meredith Cullen David Garcia, Megan Estöpinal Trisha Trigilio Erik Littlejohn, Susie & Alvin Zimmerman Brandon Fontenot Tommy Napier Nancy Bihlmaier, Michael Mandola Anne Lee Phillips Stephen Newton, Paul Kremer & Rebecca Stewart Will Bentsen, Betty Newton Marianne Bruvel, Don Mafrige Jr. Debra Linse, Dean Giuffre Megan Brown, Derek Jones Renée Lewis Cary, Nancy Littlejohn, Cabrina Owsley, Lisa Sherrill

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