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for the book, which Rhys-Morgan repeated in his own mind as he finished it solo, was: "Things should look as if they couldn't have existed any other way." In the book, Rhys-Morgan asked Goodman if he knew right away how he would translate a room into a painting, the illustrator replied, "The truth is that it's more about a private memory in my mind than the actuality of it. I have always felt that one's memory of a room is more accurate than a photograph. A portrait of a room should express the personality of the person who lives there, whose character has shaped it. Many people think of a room as an entity in itself, but they're mistaken. A room is never static. It is constantly undergoing changes: it looks different by night, by day, by electric light. Even the people in it and what they wear, the colors, the fabrics, all affect the feeling of a room. I try to come up with a dramatic quality that befits the clients' lives, that is their statement, not mine. That has always been the way I have thought of rooms — in terms of their spirit." D e a n R h y s - M o r g a n w i l l appear at Texas Design Week Houston Thursday, March 28, 6:30 to 9 pm, for cocktails, an illustrated discussion of Jeremiah Goodman's works, book signing, and exhibition and sale of Jeremiah Goodman illustrations. The exhibition will consist of exquisite, limited-edition giclée prints, signed, dated, and numbered by the artist, as well as original works. The night is hosted by Lauren Hudson, Wells Abbott; Ryan Reitmeyer, Retorra Rugs; and Karen Pulaski, Tribute Goods, at Hollywood Square on West Alabama. To purchase Texas Design Week tickets, and for complete schedule, go to Betsy Bloomingdale, Holmby Hills, 2000

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