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42 N o list in sartorial history is as closely watched as the I n t e r n a t i o n a l Best-Dressed List, launched in 1940 by Eleanor Lambert. Each year, the glitterati and fashionable hopefuls across the globe analyze the names to see who is on, who is off, and who has achieved coveted Hall-of-Fame Status (in recent years, the List was published in Vanity Fair). For generations, the List served as a barometer of style and a fascinating record of popular culture. In 2002, after 60 years as the List's reigning queen, Lambert passed the List into the very capable hands of Graydon Carter, Amy Fine Collins, Reinaldo Herrera (husband of Carolina Herrera), and Aimée Bell, who carry the torch today. Hall-of-Famer Collins, an award- winning writer and longtime Vanity Fair special correspondent, has written a new BY ANNE LEE PHILLIPS. PORTRAIT RAHI REZVANI. book, The International Best-Dressed List: The Official Story (Rizzoli), with an introduction by Graydon Carter and foreword by Carolina Herrera. Equal parts lavishly illustrated history and sourcebook for fashion mavens, the book is a who's who of the most glamorous people in the world. Houstonians Lynn Wyatt (Hall of Fame), Allison Sarofim, Oveta Culp Hobby, and Robert Sakowitz have appeared on the List, as have Dallasites Mary Marcus (wife of Stanley Marcus) and Shelby Marcus (wife of Lawrence Marcus). Lady Bird (Claudia) Johnson, the 36th First Lady, has appeared on the List from Texas as well. Amy Fine Collins will be in Dallas Wednesday, November 20, for cocktails and book signing at Forty Five Ten, hosted by Kristen Cole, with PaperCity. For information, We caught up with Collins to talk about vetting the List and thoughts on style. Future of IBDL. The IBDL will keep going. Next year it will be 80! We continue to evolve and adapt to the culture as it changes, while remaining true to our heritage. The 2019 List will be published in a new location, and it will make news. We have other plans for the future, but it's too early to reveal them. Right now, we are concentrating on the book, which is a beautiful and essential sourcebook for anyone interested in design, culture, and how fashion intersects with life. Vetting process. After we receive the results of our poll, a committee convenes to make sure we have AMY FINE COLLINS AND THE INTERNATIONAL BEST-DRESSED THE LIST: Amy Fine Collins Anjelica Huston, 1976 David Bowie, 1983 SECOND COLUMN: PHOTOGRAPHY GETTY IMAGES / EVELYN HOFER. THIRD COLUMN, FROM TOP: PHOTOGRAPHY ROBERT RIDER / A. P. IMAGES; PHOTOGRAPHY GETTY IMAGES / ART ZELIN. C.Z. Guest, 1952

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