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20 HUNT SLONEM S uch a beautiful combination of graphic shapes. I'm in thrall with the possibilities. The two sturdy 2s planted firmly on slender pedestals. The awe of two perfect rounds, mouthing, "Oh, what will beguile us this year." Before we're beguiled with 2020, we should take stock of the closing, cumbersome-numeral year. What can one make of 2-0-1-9. Not symmetry, not poetry. It was a fallow year that lay in waiting, ambiguous, arrested. Creatively and spiritually, it was not my best stab. It was not America's best face. 2020. A new firmament. What glorious possibilities! PaperCity is riding the wave of a rekindled interest in printed matter. Not in a mid-century way when city newspapers, national magazines, and the 6 pm news held sway. But in a more integrated, crafted, ever-changing format, with print the nucleus of a swirling constellation of integrated media —, social media channels, digital newsletters, PaperCity-branded events, integrated content, and custom programs — orbiting around the magazine. It's a fascinating, developing oeuvre. PaperCity magazine is 25 years old this year. As our group publisher, Monica Bickers, says on page 22, we began with the moniker The Paper as a newspaper-sized glossy, 21 inches tall and almost 2 feet wide when open (not a convenient size for airplane reading), inserted monthly into The Houston Post and Houston Chronicle. We evolved along with technology and the habits of how our readers gather and enjoy information. The year 2020 continues the journey. Have a blessed, safe, and happy holiday! Holly Moore Editor in Chief 2 0 2 0

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