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47 the public spaces and rooms. "I had so much fun with the Virgin that it led me to leapfrog over to Victory to acquire the W Hotel," he says. "I'm actually designing a third hotel that nobody knows about that's going to be amazing." So, you're reading it here first. The 200-room boutique hotel, which is yet to be named, will also feature leased residences. It's being developed in partnership with New York-based hospitality company Major Food Group, Vipin Nambiar, and Highland Park Village co-owner Stephen Summers. MFG, known for a global array of restaurants like Carbone, Dirty French, and Lobster Club, will bring some of its most successful concepts to the Dallas project. And as the owner of Ludlow New York, MFG also adds sophisticated hotel expertise, Hutchinson says. On top of an already packed calendar, Hutchinson and his 22-year- old girlfriend, Brianna Ramirez, have signed onto a 16-episode second season of Marrying Millions, a Lifetime reality TV show that debuted this past summer. Filming has already begun at his Lakeside Drive estate in Highland Park. "I can't tell you what we filmed, but the crew left with big smiles on their faces," he says, grinning. "I think we gave them some really good footage." P a p e r C i t y d e l v e s b e n e a t h Hutchinson's made-for-reality TV persona and discovers a complex man with a heart of gold. Eyeball to eyeball. We went after the W in a hard way. There were a lot of competitors — over 20 offers around the country from big hotel groups. I flew to Las Vegas and met with the owners face to face, eyeball to eyeball. I decided to use my personality to win them over, to let them know I was passionate. We hit it off, and at the end of the process, I said, "Please pick me," and they did. I've always been a David and Goliath. Not only did I put together enough to buy the hotel, but I'm adding another $21 million on top to renovate the hotel. All new furniture, fixtures, and equipment — top to bottom, it'll be a brand-new, fun, and fresh look. Group effort. We — meaning me and Virgin Hotels — heard lots of pitches from design firms and boiled it down to Swoon, the Studio, and Joel Mozersky Design out of Austin. We liked both and didn't know which to choose, so we hired them both. Joel did the ground floor (lobby and Commons Club) and the best top suites. Swoon did the rooms, hallways, and entertainment deck with pool, Secret Garden, event spaces, and a second restaurant. I can't say I agreed with everything they wanted to do — we did have lively conversations; we clashed a lot. We argued like brothers and sisters. The head of design for Virgin Hotels, Teddy Mayer, would have an opinion, I had one opinion, and Swoon or Joel would have an opinion. "PLAYING WITH THE STONE TEMPLE PILOTS IS WAY UP THERE WITH BECOMING FRIENDS WITH RICHARD BRANSON AND BUILDING THE VIRGIN HOTEL." — Bill Hutchinson Hutchinson and a partner acquired the W Hotel Victory Park at the end of October. (continued)

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