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86 TETE-A-TETE WITH TOM BY ANNE LEE PHILLIPS. PHOTOGRAPHY JOHNNY THAN. I .W. Colburn, one of designer Tom Scheerer's early heroes, was serendipitously the architect of Catherine Lippincott's Houston home, which Scheerer had the pleasure of decorating. Lippincott, and Scheerer who is based in NYC, have a 30-plus-year friendship; they stumbled upon the house while antiquing in Houston, and, as fate would have it, Lippincott was in the market, and so was the house. So naturally, several years later, Scheerer celebrated the release of his second book, Tom Scheerer: More Decorating (Vendome), at Lippincott's new home. After all, it's included in the book — and, as Lippincott says, "I'd do anything for Tom." The handsome, breezy, and comfortable rooms (in part guided by a pair of Windsor chairs original to the 1977 home that were left as a gift for the new owner) created the mise en scène for the evening co-hosted by Lindsay Holstead, John Fondas, and Holly Moore — perfect for intimate conversations among guests and colleagues. As for the publication of his second book, Scheerer said, "I'm excited to now read other people's books again. For the last four years, I purposely didn't read anyone else's design books to ensure all my ideas were my own as I wrote this one." SEEN: Ann Wolf, Greg Fourticq, Meg Goodman Bonini, Rand Holstead, Fay Kirby, Aaron Laine, Leslie Elkins, Catherine Brooks Giuffre, Carol Isaak Barden, Sara Dodd, Ceron, Marnie Greenwood, Courtney Hopson, Lindsey Looke, Suzanne Duin, Elyse Lanier, Jeff Gale, Bob Luna, Wayne Smith, Jennifer Segal, Neal Hamil, Aliyya Stude, and former PaperCity editorial assistant Seth Vaughan, who now works for Scheerer in New York. Catherine Lippincott, Tom Scheerer Sara Dodd, Greg Fourticq Aaron Laine, Catherine Giuffre Judy Levin, Wayne Smith Suzanne Duin, Teresa Martinez Sanchez, Devin Babbitt John Fondas, Fay Kirby, Laurie Minniece Lisa Mathis, Courtney Hopson, Neal Hamil Jeff Gale, Bob Luna Sharon Worley, Meg Goodman Bonini Lindsay & Rand Holstead Ceron, Marnie Greenwood Elyse Lanier, Jennifer Segal Aliyya Stude, Jay Monroe Seth Vaughan Carol Barden

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