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36 FLY ME TO THE MOON YEAR OF THE MOUSE M/MARBLES STOOL R imowa has collaborated with Dior on a capsule collection celebrating their shared love of travel. Best known for handcrafted aluminum suitcases, Rimowa has developed a suite of Dior-branded luggage and accessories in silver, matte black, and gradated blue, available worldwide this month. An innovative technique of inscribing color onto aluminum allows the Rimowa to impress the Dior Oblique motif in vibrant hues throughout the collection. At the premiere on the Champs-Elysées, there was even a transport to complement the luggage: a two-seat helicopter crafted with a silver exterior and gray-and-blue aluminum cockpit, also branded with the Dior motif. We can dream … Available mid-January at, S ince his debut in the 1929 short animated fi lm Steamboat Willie, Mickey M o u s e h a s c a p t u r e d hearts worldwide. With 2020 being the year of the Rat, Gucci has collaborated with Disney for an exclusive capsule collection highlighting the icon. Creative director Alessandro Michele's creations see Mickey gracing a guitar case, hatboxes, purses, and a range of clothing and shoes. Mickey debuted in Rome at the Cruise 2020 runway show and is available to mouse lovers everywhere Saturday, January 25 at Gucci boutiques. W ith the M/Marbles Stool from Miu Miu, launched to coincide with Art Basel Miami, we see yet another luxury brand dipping a toe into the world of furniture and design. The latest iteration is an extension of the M/Matching Color Stool, which was inspired by the set design of Miu Miu's Fall/Winter 2018 show and launched at the 2019 FuoriSalone in Milan. While simple in form, the Art Basel Miami version evokes fashion accessories through the use of rubber and glass elements. The walnut base overlaid with palm wood references palm-lined Miami streets. Mouth- blown, colored-glass matchsticks can be inserted into the base, giving each stool an identity of its own. Available exclusively at Miu Miu boutiques, the M/Marbles Stool is a limited edition of 40. J ust in time for Art Basel Miami, Gucci dropped its latest collaboration with fi lmmaker Harmony Korine, a short film for Snapchat titled Duck Duck. Shot in 3-D and set "somewhere in Miami," the short was commissioned by Snapchat and Gucci to promote the limited-edition Spectacles x Gucci augmented- reality glasses. The fi lm's meaning is subjective — particularly in light of a launch that coincided with the annual fair, which took place the fi rst week of December. Featuring a mix of psychedelic beams, fuzzy creatures, and a human hot dog on skates, it's a fi lm about nothing. Or is it … While the dialogue consists entirely of human "duck" sounds, it may be telling us a lot more about the week — and the fair — than we realize. To say more would be giving too much away. See for yourself on YouTube. LESS IS MORE S et amongst the polished booths at Miami Design Fair, Harry Nuriev's work stood out more for what it lacked than for what it possessed. The booth was unadorned. No paint, no logos … just a single sofa. But sometimes that's the point — to let a work speak for itself. Commissioned by Balenciaga, Nuriev, founder of Crosby Studios, utilizes straightforward design to offer a simple, powerful message of environmental accountability. The oblong sofa, inspired by the typical overstuffed recliner, was constructed almost entirely of unsellable Balenciaga garments and offcuts from obsolete stock and encased in scrapped transparent vinyl. The sofa and designer drew admirers such as Bella Hadid and Michele Lamy (muse of Rick Owens), who stopped, sat, and took pics as they enjoyed a brief respite from all the visual noise that surrounded them. DUCK WHAT? Harry Nuriev's sofa made from unsellable Balenciaga garments Rimowa x Dior collaboration

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