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letter From the President L eaning forward. I have learned that if you don't move forward in life — i.e., push yourself to add a mile to your bike ride, take that last sip of an ill-tasting kale-spinach- carrot smoothie, etc. — you, well, move backward. At the onset of the pandemic, I was envisioning that I would toss the office keys to our landlord and say, "Here's your space back." As weeks passed, I realized that if this company fails, about 30 folks are out of a job. Critically, I'd be out of a job. With laser focus, we set out to strengthen the pillars under the business. In the process, I realized that not only are we going to survive, we are going to thrive. I set our sights on the future. In the early summer, I received a call from John Sughrue, a longtime friend and owner of the Dallas Art Fair. We lamented the strain of the pandemic and reminisced about the Great Recession, when he and I would have breakfast once a month to talk about survival. He, too, was set on leaning forward. He was developing Culture Place, an online venue for his art-fair galleries. This would address the strain of the times, creating on online community with artist and gallerist talks and articles, and, importantly, allow blue-chip art to be bought online. He asked if we would partner, to bring the influence and eyeballs of our readers to the site. I did not hesitate — and, I wasn't finished. We've been chronicling the astounding resurgence and rebranding of Round Top, Texas, for years. PaperCity is the host of a twice-yearly PaperCity party celebrating our Round Top issues and the massive Antiques Shows, when 150,000 people descend on the 14-mile stretch of Highway 237 to shop antiques and vintage furniture and objets. Two months ago I had a friendly breakfast with Katie Stavinoha, the owner/publisher of the set of magazines, website, and social media channels that are must-reads if you attend the shows or spend any time in that part of Texas. We spoke about how powerful it would be if we joined forces, harnessed her local prowess, and layered on the things we know how to do: VIP and event programming, as well as sponsorships. Six weeks later, we acquired her magazines and website. Together with Katie (who remains as a partner), we are forging ahead with what may be the biggest endeavor we have ever embarked upon. We are leaning forward — and failure is not an option. Jim Kastleman President simon gentry Jim Kastleman 18

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