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PaPerCity PrOMOtiON J. Flowers HeaLtH iNstitute GettiNG tO KNOW P artnerships with Houston luxury resorts and one of the top medical centers in the world distinguish the J. Flowers Health Institute, which takes a holistic approach to helping clients realize their wellness goals. The highly personalized, comprehensive program is the vision of Dr. James Flowers, whose 30-year career in healthcare led him to open an institute committed to defining the future of whole-person health and wellness. How the Institute officially began. Dr. James Flowers: The Institute was founded from the need for individuals to receive a proper diagnosis before treatment of a health condition. A proper diagnosis allows for the most effective treatment possible, which leads to lifelong health and wellness for individuals. Origin of your p a r t n e r s h i p with co-founder Robbin Mooney. JF: Robbin comes from treatment r o y a l t y. H e r husband's family founded one of the first freestanding a d d i c t i o n - treatment specialty hospitals in the country. Robbin has over 20 years o f e x p e r i e n c e in this industry and has worked with some of the top behavioral health centers in the world. When developing the Institute, I needed a partner who would travel the world and share the story, and I knew Robbin was the best person for the position. Conditions that the Institute can diagnose. JF: We diagnose all kinds of conditions relating to every facet of an individual's wellness. This includes, but is not limited to, the physical, emotional, environmental, spiritual, social, and intellectual aspects of a client's life. Our clients leave with a clear understanding of their diagnosis and feel like they have a clear path to wellness. Concierge healthcare vs. mainstream healthcare. JF: We create an experience that is much more comfortable and relaxed with what I call "7-star concierge services." From the moment of arrival to the Institute, we make every arrangement to ensure our clients' stay with us is seamlessly productive. Dr. James Flowers, founder; Robbin Mooney, co-founder Many clients come to us confused about their healthcare, with an incorrect diagnosis due to lack of multidisciplinary collaboration. In those cases, without proper diagnosis, clients would not receive the most effective treatment for their unique needs. Recommendation to someone seeking a diagnosis. JF: A clear diagnosis is the key to the most effective treatment possible. J. Flowers Health Institute delivers the future of healthcare with an uncompromising approach to whole- person health and wellness. We are passionate about making certain you live the best life possible. J. Flowers Health Institute, Post Oak Parkway, Suite 2370, Houston, TX 77027. For more information, visit To reach the concierge team directly, call 281.971.3448 or email J. Flowers Health Institute Team, here and below 23

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