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(continued from 55) HOUSTON PAPERCITY DESIGN AWARDS RESIDENtIAl ARchItEctuRAl DESIGN Over 3,500 Square Feet (TIE) FIRm: Nadia Palacios Residential Design lEAD ARchItEct AND DESIGNER: Nadia Palacios FIRm: Cusimano Architect lEAD ARchItEct: Kelly Cusimano JuDGES' REmARkS: "Very handsome and fits beautifully into its context." — Ray Booth RuNNER-up: Shawn Gottschalk, StudioMET Architects "GreaT TO See aN Older HOme reiNveNTed. OfTeN THe HardeST THiNG TO accOmpliSH well. BeaUTifUlly deTailed wiTH fUN pOpS Of cOlOr aNd claSSic maTerialS." — Ray Booth on Nadia Palacios Cusimano Architect Cusimano Architect Nadia Palacios Residential Design Zac Seewald Zac Seewald Nadia Palacios Residential Design 56

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