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Three Days BehinD The scenes aT ForTy Five Ten as iT reTools anD reviTalizes For The new reTail worlD By Billy Fong. PhotograPhy Misael rodriguez. I t's one of those early fall days when you can feel a bit of a chill when the wind blows, and beyond feeling stylish, i feel sensible — and we all know sensible and fashionable can be odd bedfellows — having layered my outfit with a Celine cashmere sweater. My car is parked in the valet area (sans valet) of Forty Five ten in downtown dallas, and i'm arriving at the same time as some of the now smaller and nimble store team: Kyle Branch, Mia holderman, dianna Miller, and robin Wilkes. they're aware that a photo shoot will occur, since we're securing portraits of the new dynamic duo leading the team: company president anne Wallach and fashion director Jordan Jones. a few seem more awake than others. not everyone is a morning person, as evidenced by the clutching of what is likely a second or third coffee of the day. inside, they pull jackets off racks and either drape them over their own shoulders or offer them up to Wallach and Jones to try on. it's all very akin to playing dress-up in a close girlfriend's closet — albeit a very wealthy and chic one. i'm here to learn the next chapter for our hometown hero, retail juggernaut Forty Five ten. We all know the dallas rumor mill can go into overdrive, and one of those rumors whispered of late has been: "are they closing?" it was time to pull back the proverbial curtain and see what was transpiring. a day in the life, if you will. long a fan of documentaries like Dior and I and Unzipped, i'm hopeful that i'll see one of those rare gems of fashionable boys and girls taking a long drag on a cigarette and proclaiming, "We must feature more of that print this year." But i'm learning that the vibe is quite different than it was just one year ago. granted, Forty Five ten was never a particularly stuffy corporate environment, but now there's an even looser energy. everything seems slightly more fluid, and impromptu meetings are par for this fashionable course. no longer does the team stroll in wearing sneakers then slip on Miu Miu heels. now, more than likely those gucci sneakers stay on all day. this relaxed new normal seems to work for them, which i hear from clients. the typical day is all hands on deck. it's perhaps not as sexy as you might imagine — anne Wallach's purview as president might entail a The Silk lining Jordan Jones and Anne Wallach in the conference room of Forty Five Ten 34

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