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I N F O @ I C O N . G L O B A L | 2 1 4 . 8 5 5 . 4 0 0 0 | W W W. I C O N . G L O B A L The Romanov is an architectural, design and builder/con- struction marvel that has long been the subject of community mystery and enviable comment. The interior of the home has never been shown nor open to the public (and won't be). It has not ever been for sale until now. It is available, confidentially priced via strict pre-qualified request only. Exclusively by The Icon Global Group. The estate exudes privacy, charm, serenity, security and prom- inence. It carries an understated elegance and simplicity yet is sophisticated in its design and intentions of use and comfort. It is riddled with high tech, security functions, incredible one of a kind custom / handmade finishes, architectural details with amenities ahead of its time; all the while remaining timeless. Six years in construction, and completed in 2005, the 22,000 SQFT masterpiece is complemented by The Lodge; a sepa- rate 3,500 SQFT guest home, complete with its own spacious private, 5-acre grounds. Once the site of Houston's original hunting lodge and even a fabled exotic birdcage folly, the lodge site itself is rife with its own legacy including being a favored escape for Houstonian rebel youth of that era. A hide- out, sans adult supervision! The accomplishment began with architect, Ken Newberry, and a submersion into what would become a carefully choreo- graphed abyss of ideas brought to life by Newberry's pencil and perfected by builder, Jeff Thompson, and construction supervisor extraordinaire, Mike Timmons. The cornerstone to Colleen Romanov's dream would be utiliz- ing authentic Indiana limestone construction. Original machine cut blocks, a minimum of 12" thick (no veneers) were crafted by none other than the renowned Bybee quarries from her native state. (These authentic limestone blocks also breath and capture efficiently circulated radiant energy throughout, ensur- ing a cool home and low energy bills in the summer and high heat retention in the winter). Romanov wanted old, hand-crafted, hand cut stone. "Like that used in the university buildings of New York and Chicago, like the Empire State Building, the Vanderbilt and Wrigley estates and other world landmarks, such as the Pentagon." Indeed, that is precisely what she got! The US Government came calling and for a period, halting The Romanov construc- tion after the terrorist attack on the Pentagon in 2001. They needed all available limestone from the quarry and diverted all production to rebuild. The Romanov had to wait… So, while work was temporarily delayed, Romanov took off on a year-long European sojourn with two antique and interior design experts on a substan- tial buying tour across Europe. Antiques and architecturals included and incorporated into the design build came from (to name a few): Paris, Marche aux Puces de Paris Saint- Ouen 1870, stores across Germany, Medussa in Belgium, and Heist op-den Berg outside of Ant- werp, across Holland as well as throughout England, includ- ing the Cotswolds. Except for a single custom built walk in fireplace, four of five equisite mantels came from European castles and manor houses. Privacy and security ameni- ties are many…Intricate and impeccable details, finishes and technologies are incredible, while old-world class architec- turals are far too many to list. It is intentionally and distinct- ly, a One of One! W W W. I C O N . G L O B A L / R O M A N O V "As an architect doing work for over 35 years across the United States and in several other countries around the world, I will tell you that the Romanov in Houston, Texas is one of the most extraordinary houses anyone may ever see"-- Ken Newberry.

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