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A ROUND TOP ANTIQUES SHOW GUIDE PROMOTION THE COMPOUND AND THE COMPOUND ANTIQUE SHOW INSIDE VIEW: T h e C o m p o u n d o w n e r a n d developer Mark Massey picks up a scrap of paper a n d s c r a t c h e s o u t a l a y o u t . His concentration is obvious — no multitasking here, unless thinking of varying possibilities while commending them all to paper counts. "Napkin noodles" is what Compound Antique Show producer Kathy Johnston calls the process. "I should have collected Mark's doodles from the start," she says. "I'd have a veritable scrapbook by now. I love watching him create. If he weren't a developer, he'd have been a really good architect." Indeed. Because The Compound's physical campus isn't random; each building "talks" to the next and is connected by green space, paths, and gardens. The vast majority of Massey's doodling has come to fruition over the past six years. The Compound now encompasses five buildings, each structure fitting into the mix like hand in glove. It all began when Massey purchased the 57 acres that underpins The Compound. Here he dreamed of building an event venue that would attract a variety of happenings: music, celebrations, weddings, trade shows, and, of course, an antique show. Having grown up spending time in the Round Top area on his grandparents' farm, Massey grew to love the farmhouses and barns he came across. His grandfather had a barn that he much admired, so he built The Compound's Peck Barn in that image and named it in his grandparents' memory (Northrup and Carolyn Peck). The Peck Barn was an incomplete shell in 2015 when Johnston set up a folding table and began interviewing potential dealers for the following fall. She relates that it took a lot of talking to explain how the scrubby fields would soon become a sought-after venue. And, so it has. Today, The Compound enjoys a reputation as one of Round Top's premier antique venues. FIVE YEARS IN THE MAKING. MORE TO COME. Mark Massey's doodles Mark Massey JENNY ANTILL CLIFTON 86

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