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I n the healthcare industry, there's a broad spectrum of quality when it comes to services available to you. Learn the main advantages of concierge healthcare services over mainstream options to guide you to optimal health — and why J. Flowers Health Institute is in a league of its own. Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation The most effective treatment possible requires a clear diagnosis. Without a crystal-clear understanding of the many nuances in an individual's overall condition, a treatment plan simply cannot address every need. Our Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Program delivers an unmatched thoroughness in our approach to assessing the needs of every client with whom we work. We take a broad and deep approach to whole-person wellness, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of an individual's circumstances. For adults and adolescents with complex medical or mental health conditions, the root cause can seem mysterious as they struggle to alleviate symptom after symptom. After working with any specialist, an unsolved problem can feel frustrating, even defeating. J. Flowers Health Institute offers what we refer to as a "Living MRI" that delivers an intimate understanding of the contributing factors of any condition. With that unique knowledge, we develop the most effective treatment plan possible for an individual. With each evaluation, we provide expert diagnostic care, effective results, exceptional care coordination, and world-class support. Collaboration Among Renowned Specialists The caring team of providers at J. Flowers Health Institute is comprehensively trained, board- certified, and serve as experts in their fields. We select the best providers and protocols from Western medicine, holistic health, integrative nutrition, sports medicine, and more that will help our clients reach optimal health. You can expect to receive undivided, specialized attention in each of the eight dimensions of wellness: 1. Physical 2. Emotional 3. Spiritual 4. Intellectual 5. Environmental 6. Financial 7. Occupational 8. Social Seamless Coordination for Your Unique Circumstances One of the most significant advantages of our concierge healthcare services is the way we coordinate every detail of your intensive experience with us. At J. Flowers Health Institute, we understand the difficulty of putting your whole life on pause to focus on any one thing, even your health. We make the most of your time with us to ensure your experience is as efficient as possible. We do the legwork of scheduling appointments with specialists, and provide you with an itinerary of health appointments that caters to your unique circumstances. Our completely individualized programming includes the following elite services: • Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation Programs • Concierge Detox Programs • Concierge Wellness and Restoration Programs • Programs for Adolescents and Young Adults • Concierge Continuing Care Programs • Concierge Alumni Services Luxurious Hospitality and Services Our high-end medical facilities, access to the largest medical campus in the world, and private partnerships with exquisite hotels and spas ensure that we deliver an exceptional experience during your time with us. Clients of J. Flowers Health Institute focus and heal in discreet comfort. J. Flowers Health Institute is committed to raising the standards of effectiveness and client services in healthcare. To learn more, please call our concierge team at 281.971.3448 or visit TOP REASONS TO CHOOSE CONCIERGE HEALTHCARE SERVICES THE MOST EFFECTIVE TREATMENT POSSIBLE REQUIRES A CLEAR DIAGNOSIS PAPERCITY PROMOTION At J. Flowers Health Institute, board-certified experts deliver a deep approach to whole-person health. Luxurious hospitality at J. Flowers Health Institute. Clients focus and heal in discrete comfort. An uncompromising standard of excellence and customer service. 72

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