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Billy Fong with Deborah Scott. Illustration Kris Ammon. I used to think that post-Memorial Day, I'd have a moment of respite, to recharge and get myself in party-ready shape for the always bustling Dallas fall social calendar. Alas, the invites keep coming for events occurring in the dreaded heat of the summer months. But the oft- used 2019 term JOMO — Joy of Missing Out — has come full circle back to FOMO (Fear of the same). I'm enthusiastically responding oui to every Paperless Post that comes my way. Given that June is the traditional month of weddings, I've received invites to bear witness to two nuptials. To quote the ever-quotable Liz Smith (who happened to hail from Fort Worth): "All weddings, except those with shotguns in evidence, are wonderful." So, I've had my tux pressed, and I'm ready to celebrate. However, I'm embracing the idea that slow and steady wins the race. Might someone have a recipe for a Gatorade cocktail so I can be prepared for the months ahead? You'll find lots of fabulous content in this month's issue. It's perfect if you need reading material for a quick flight to East Hampton or for poolside perusal in your Greenway Parks colonial. On pages 46-53, Rebecca Sherman takes you inside architect Bentley Tibbs' hushed bungalow near White Rock Lake; a home built from simple materials and filled with natural light, but steeped in a modern and Southern sensibility. If you're yearning for artistic inspiration, check out my story on the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth's current exhibition, "Sean Scully: The Shape of Ideas" (page 24), or gas up the G-Wagon for a summer road trip to four off-the-beaten Instagram-path art Meccas (page 30). Finish your summer sojourn at the fabulous new Lutie's restaurant ensconced in the refurbished Commodore Perry Estate in Austin, spectacularly designed by Ken Fulk (page 34). Our endlessly chic creative director, Michelle Aviña, provides a glimpse into Louis Vuitton's newest collection in the telenovela- inspired "Ricas y Famosas" fashion spread (pages 36 to 42) where models study themselves in gilded mirrors as they liberally apply diva-red lipstick, and a spurned lover awaits her Lothario. My words du jour seem to be "exacting" and "sultry." It's time to be specific in my wardrobe decisions but bare a little skin if the occasion seems appropriate. Having a poolside cocktail soirée? Shoot me a text. Right now, I'm channeling one of my favorite sculptures from the Hellenistic period, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, and I'm dramatically poised to wear something diaphanous, yet tasteful, for the potentially daunting summer slate of parties. Always your confidante (you know, the one always wearing shorts), Billy Fong Culture + Style Editor 12

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