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MEET TAYLOR TOMASI HILL FASHION & CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF THE YES Oh, hello there! Do you love shopping? Or at least did you before it became a tedious scroll-fest through irrelevant things not in your size? Me, too! But first… WHO THE #$@% AM I? If we haven't been properly introduced, I'll share the highlights... Got my start in magazines (W, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire) Mostly off camera as an editor, but with a street-style cameo now and then Former Creative Director of Moda Operandi Currently Creative and Fashion Director of THE YES PLUS: Mom to Wells, avid gardener, hot sauce enthusiast OK, BACK TO SHOPPING I love my job at THE YES, a shopping destination that's truly revolutionizing online retail. It marries fashion and emerging tech (for real, makes my head spin) to create a personalized shopping experience. Top to bottom for you—no joke! 5 REASONS WHY I LOVE THE YES (Ok, I'm biased, but hear me out...) • Hundreds of brands from Bottega Veneta to Zara. • Always free shipping and returns—always! • Everything is ranked for me: my brands, my style, my sizes... • I can follow friends and shop straight from their YES Lists. • A daily shopping feed that's so personal, no two are alike. STAY IN TOUCH @theyes #shoppingmadegenius

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