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T ribute Goods' artisanal copper flowers, handmade and hand-painted in Milan, are a delight to collect. $195 to $1,200 each, at Tribute Goods, 3637 W. Alabama, COPPER FIELD C irca Lighting moves from its long-time showroom space on Westheimer adjacent to Avalon Diner, to a larger location at 2425 West Alabama. A late 2021 opening is expected. THIS JUST IN L ike most of us, our favorite Texas mistress of the turntables, DJ Lucy Wrubel, had a tumultuous 2020. Her usual back-to-back bookings vanished when the order came to shelter in place. She was no longer hopping a flight to Cabo to spin tracks at a wedding or jumping in her pop-up DJ booth to pump up a crowd at Neiman Marcus. But one of the many reasons we love Miss Wrubel is her endless optimism— her champagne coupe is always half-full. When we met over coffee (actually, she had her usual Red Bull), she showed up in red Gucci heels, denim dress, and a Gucci bucket hat, under which her COVID-long, still streaked tresses were blown about by the wind. She ticked off her 2020 bookings one finger at a time: "One. Two. Three. And then that was it. Nothing." To quote an '80s song, she proceeded "destination SPIN, SPIN, LUCY unknown" throughout the remaining months. "I used that time to reflect," she says. "I spent so much time with my incredible teenage daughter, Stella, wondering at life as it moved in slow motion." She also reached out to two of her best friends whom she's known since high school, Frank Hamlin and Greg Rhodes. She describes their early COVID Zoom chats as "moping, coping, and hoping." After one of their virtual chats, her daughter remarked, "Listening to you guys talking about music … That's something, mom. You should consider doing a podcast." Leave it to a teenager to come up with something truly entrepreneurial. They booked time at a recording studio, and voilà! A podcast was launched. When searching for a name, the sound guy suggested, "You three kept saying, 'Such a good song.' That's your title." And now, their new series, "Such A Good Song," has launched. We asked Wrubel to conjure up a PaperCity playlist for our readers. Below is a sampling of what you'll find — close to three hours of seriously diggable tunes on her website and her Spotify. These are tracks best enjoyed over suppertime OBSESSIONS. DECORATION. SALIENT FACTS. al fresco. We asked for her top 10, but she countered, "No, I'll tell you 11, since that's my favorite number. It's one louder on the volume control.", Spotify DJ Lucy Wrubel and PaperCity SUPPERTIME al fresco. Billy Fong 1. Amo Amo's "Antidote" 2. Strabe's "Best Worst Year" 3. Dayglow's "Close to You" 4. Westerman's "Confirmation" 5. Kowloon's "Paradise" 6. Polo & Pan's "Feel Good" 7. Aaron Frazer's "Lover Girl" 8. Mt. Joy's "Rearrange Us" 9. Circa Waves & Alfie Templeman's "Lemonade" 10. The Avalanches & Rivers Cuomo's "Running Red Lights" 11. Khruangbin & Leon Bridges' "Texas Sun" 22

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