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8. Unlike most antiques and vintage shows, navigating the Round Top Antiques Show generally requires driving between venues. 9. The Antiques Corridor aka Texas Highway 237 stretches for 20+ miles from Texas Highway 290 between Burton and Carmine, to Oldenburg, a small community about 7 miles from Texas Highway 71 near La Grange. Shopping venues are scattered along the corridor that bisects Round Top and Warrenton. 10. Highway 237 is a two-lane state highway with little to no shoulder, no sidewalks and a lot of pedestrians. Be alert. 11. Some venues hire law enforcement officials to direct traffic. Pay attention to them – and the pedestrians. 12. Cede the right-of-way to emergency vehicles by pulling over to the side of the road and allowing them to pass. GETTING THERE TRIED & TRUE PARK & WALK LOCATIONS PARKING 13. Most parking is free, but some venues charge. 14. Road signs will indicate those that charge a parking fee. Generally $5/car. Cash only. 15. In Warrenton, there are also several paid parking fields run by individuals or local organizations. 16. Parking surfaces vary. Many are grass or dirt. If it rains, be careful where you park or you can get stuck. 17. Don't park in borrow ditches. You will be towed. 18. Be courteous. Don't block dumpsters, private driveways or gates. 19. Granny McCormick's Yard offers lighted parking. 20. The antiques fields at Warrenton blend seamlessly. Pay attention to landmarks where you park, so you can navigate back or at least describe the location so someone can give you directions. While the Round Top Antiques Show generally requires driving to get from venue to venue, there are places where it's possible to park and walk to nearby venues. To access THE ARBORS ROUND TOP/THE HALLES, AND MARKET HILL: Park at either Arbors or Market Hill; cross Highway 237 at the guard. To access ROUND TOP PROPER (including the Round Top Triangle and the Town Square) from the north: Park at the Old Depot Vintage Market at Stone Cellar. To access ROUND TOP PROPER (including Henkel Square, Rummel Square and the Town Squares) from community center: Park at Henkel Square (time-limited), Rummel Square (limited space), or the grass lot adjacent to Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Bauer Rummel Road. To access EX-CESS I & II/ COLE'S ANTIQUES north of Warrenton: Park behind Ex-cess II and cross Texas Highway 237 to Ex-cess I and FM 954 to Cole's or park at Cole's and reverse the route. To access BAR W/NORTH GATE/TIN STAR FIELDS north of Warrenton: Park at Bar W. *Note where you park because the fields blend seamlessly from one to the other. It is also possible to park at Bar W and cross Highway 237 to The Marketplace at Warrenton or vice versa. To access WARRENTON PROPER (including Granny McCormick's Yard, the Campbell Building, Zapp Hall, Punkie's Place, Lone Star Galler y, and more): Park at Granny McCormick's Yard ($5). Shopping at Marburger Blue Hills Treasure 21

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