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A head of Christie's' much- anticipated June auction of Hubert de Givenchy's estate — which achieved a total of $123.7 million and broke 19 world auction records — Texas Design Week Houston ticket holders were treated to a discussion of the life and collections of the supreme tastemaker, a conversation between interior designer Stephen Sills and deputy chairman of Christie's International Charles Cator, in from London. The sale included contents from Givenchy's last two residences, Hôtel d'Orrouer in Paris and his iconic Loire valley estate, Manoir du Jonchet. Alberto Giacometti's La Femme qui marche [I] sold for $28,419,297, setting the record for the most expensive work sold at auction in France so far this year. Fittingly, this talk of decorative treasures took place at Moxie's West Alabama showroom — a treasure trove itself. Moxie proprietor Dennis Brackeen was on hand to greet guests, as was Christie's Capera Ryan, in from Dallas. PC Seen: Becca Cason Thrash, Joan Schnitzer, Francine Ballard, Jennifer Rigamonti, Christina Sturgill, Laurann Claridge, Ruth and Neill Davis, Catherine Giuffre, Alexandra Killion, Natalie Annette, Madeline Stuart, Ruth Gay, Julie Koch, Shannon Smith, Britian Matherne, Brandon Fontenot, Elizabeth Young, Christy Karll McWhorter, Carol Isaak Barden, Gretchen Dreher, Wendy Tull, Jane and Joel Wood, Kristy Geary, Paola Neri, Caroline Blaylock, Boomer Hudson, Jenna McPhail, Linda Chan, Juan Vazquez, Josi Doubet, Pam Baker, Jane and Joel Wood, Stacy McNair, Phil Hudson, Karen Pulaski, and Katherine Warren. Extraordinary Life The of Hubert de Givenchy in a Discussion at Moxie With Christie's Charles Cator and Designer Stephen Sills S chool is in session! Guests came with notebooks, pens, and cocktails in hand for a master class on dragons, pagodas, and all things chinoiserie led by the eternally charming Aldous Bertram. Designer, illustrator, and art historian Bertram — who holds a Ph.D. from Trinity at Cambridge on the historical influence of China on English garden design and architecture — shared knowledge and gorgeous images from his book Dragons & Pagodas: A Celebration of Chinoiserie (Vendome), which is also filled with delightful illustrations by Bertram himself. The tome has quickly become a must-have for interior design insiders and chinoiserie enthusiasts alike. PC Seen: Found proprietor Ruth Davis, Daphne Laplante, L i n l e y S t r o u d , D a v i d and Peggy Matthews, Kat Matthews, Austin Estes, Devon Liedtke, Michael Mandola, Sari Imber, Lexi Killion, Diandra Anwar, Dolores Cavatore, Karen Sachar, Sandra Lucas, Abbi Parker, Emmy Davis, Carol Isaak Barden, Neill Davis, Callie and Dillon Baker, Gilbert Blattner, Vinicius Kobylko, Tereza Blattner, Shannon Smith, Blair Ushnick, Silvana Batllori, Martha Duhne, Paola Neri, Courtney Hill Fertitta, Kristy Geary, AJ Bogs, Mimi Williams, and Bret Duhon. Dragons, Pagodas, and All Things Chinoiserie with Aldous Bertram at Found Dragons, Pagodas, Aldous Bertram Diandra Anwar Stephen Sills, Capera Ryan Charles Cator Hannah Swiggard William Finnorn Dennis Brackeen Jenna McPhail Juan Vazquez Christy Karll McWhorter Carol Isaak Barden Ceron Becca Cason Thrash Devon Liedtke Michael Mandola Sari Imber Alexandra Killion David & Peggy Matthews Cat Matthews, Austin Estes Dolores Cavatore Karen Sachar Emmy Davis Neill & Ruth Davis, Callie Bake Joan Schnitzer (Continued) 79

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