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Art of Collaboration A lthough Matthew Patrick Smyth's second book, Through a Designer's Eye: Focus on Interiors (The Monacelli Press), was released in September 2020, he wasn't able to make the usual book tour due to the pandemic, so he shared his wealth of knowledge late but in the most sincerely gracious way. Smyth welcomes new trends and technologies with open arms. "When [Instagram] first came out, I ignored it," he admitted. "Now, 1,500 posts later, I wish there was a 12-step program." The book was largely inspired by the idea that as a designer, he draws from everything he sees while traveling, shopping, or just walking in nature. Following his talk on the first floor of the Decorative Center of Houston, guests made their way to Arsin Rug Gallery for a book signing and afternoon cocktails, welcomed by Lida Arsin and showroom director Mark Odom. Seen: Abbi Parker, Maria and Andres Donoso, Lisa Evans, Marc Anderson, Kathryn Smith, Emily Spanos, Tereza Blattner, Paola Rozo, Sarah Prazak, Sarah Eilers, Ellen Eilers, Shannon Mann, Kandice Eiskant, Barbara Lopez, Laurie Murphy, Samantha Mansur, Katherine Warren, and Leah Howard. Visual Inspiration, and Continuing the Design Narrative Insta Addiction, Matthew Patrick Smyth Riffs on S uccessful design is almost always the result of collaboration: the artful work of a designer to understand a client's needs and bring his or her vision to life. But the potential for a truly magical result comes when multiple disciplines work together on a project, specifically those overseeing its architecture, landscape, and design. Roche Bobois manager Adriana Gonzalez welcomed three esteemed panelists with three points of view: Bill Curtis, Curtis & Windham Architects (Houston), Edmund Hollander (NYC, Chicago, Sag Harbor), Hollander Design landscape architecture firm and designer Philip Gorrivan (NYC), moderated by Chesie Breen. All three panelists agreed that their most memorable projects were the result of close collaboration not only with their clients but with other industry professionals. Seen: Roche Bobois senior manager Adriana Gonzalez, Ann Wolf, Ellen Niven, Laurie Murphy, Shannon Mann, Phoebe Tudor, Ashley Holden, Kari Roundy, Claire Lee, Emily Pfister, Abbi Parker, Paul Brockman, Dely Pena, Florencia Foster, Kristin Weikel, Paola Rozo, Christina Mullen, Colleen Kotts, Heather Lack, Terry Matthews, Daphne Laplante, and Linley Stroud. at Roche Bobois William Curtis, Philip Gorrivan, and Edmund Hollander on the Matthew Patrick Smyth Mary Vu Ellen Eilers Sarah Eilers Lida Arsin, Mark Odom Kathryn Smith Sarah Prazak Tiffany Goodman Paola Rozo Andres & Maria Donoso Bill Curtis, Adriana Gonzalez Chesie Breen, Philip Gorrivan Ed Hollander Daphne Laplante Linley Stroud Ed Hollander Paola Rozo Alli Ryan Motley, Tracy Motley Monica Bickers Lindsey Herod Ellen Brown Palmer Brown (Continued) (Continued from page 80) 82

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