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E ven though fall is still a month away (in theory), our August issue required our editors to research, e-mail and telephone countless sources to get a bead on what is hot for the season, aside from the weather. Re-Entrée, a French term meaning to re-enter the social season after the summer sojourn, is our degustation of 59 important things you must see, do, hear, eat and gaze at … peruse pages 22 to 25. As for me, my top picks include: following the River Oaks District rumor mill (or, as PC's Kate Stukenberg calls it, Rumor Oaks District) of designer names and national restaurants purportedly moving in; seeing the Tom Ford boutique and eating at Le Bilboquet in Dallas (both Holly Moore of which will be coming to River Oaks District in Fall 2014); The Orange Show (November 2), which Molly Hubbard and I are chairing; fall book signings with Mario Buatta, Stephen Sills, Tom Scheerer, Celerie Kemble, Jeffrey Alan Marks and Suzanne Kasler; Houston Fine Art Fair (September 19 through 22) and Texas Contemporary Art Fair (October 10 through 13); and culminating with Ceron and Todd Fiscus' New Year's Eve wedding in a delicious far-flung locale. Then we rest. I love the aesthetic of mixing highlow, expensive-inexpensive, old-new. Our editors do it beautifully in home design (a mid-century modern house with a Louis chair or two thrown in) and in fashion (a Versace skirt with a top from H&M). It happens in travel, too. I recently spent a couple weeks in West Texas with the kids (well, two out of three kids): Alpine, Terlingua, Big Bend, Lajitas and Marfa. It was hot. In the mornings, we hiked and rode horses and, in the afternoon, spent a lot of time in pools. We drove and drove and drove. We watched the Fourth of July parade in Terlingua that consisted of the sheriff, border patrol agents and locals on horseback and bicycles carrying flags and acting goofy (I like goofy). After the parade — in the evening — I manned a bucket brigade to put out two fires that erupted in front and in back of the Starlight Lounge when the fireworks launcher tipped over. Marfa was the highlight: My heart literally started racing when I saw it on the horizon. I'd been waiting 40 years since camp counselors Holly Moore, editor in chief AUGUST 2013 | STYLE | FASHION | SOCIAL in this ISSUE 4, 6 P O P. C U LT U R E. G O SSI P. 8 Pick of the New: Fresh places to shop, gaze and graze 1012 14 Style: Chinoiserie chic Parties: Children's Party and Garden Party at Bayou Bend; Rienzi Spring Party Parties: Asia Society Texas Center's Spotlight Asia and Tiger Ball 22 32 Re-Entrée: Your go-to guide for where to be and what to see this fall 34 Style: The green scene Style: Four maverick jewelry designers JENNY ANTILL ALEFIYA AKBARALLY Rusty Arena MYTHICAL Proportions e'll be lining up at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston Thursday, August 15, for lively, inspiring dish with top Houston-based creatives. At 6:30 pm, filmmaker, artist and curator Peter Lucas shares an insider perspective on graphic design in film and TV, followed by a têteà-tête between Rusty Arena and gallerist Hiram Butler; Butler interviews the decorative arts denizen on the history of textiles, contemporary art and today's textiles, as well as hot topics and greatest hits from a quarter century of Arena Design. The graphically inclined evening is presented in conjunction Peter Lucas with the CAMH's traveling survey "Graphic Design – Now in Production," co-organized by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, and the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York. Peruse posters, magazines, books, branding, typography, storefront, film and television titles, and more. Through September 29; Catherine D. Anspon TINKLE, TINKLE Little Star F ashion designer about town Jonathan Tinkle of Jonathan Blake has set up his shop/design atelier on Post Oak Boulevard, where the 22-year-old constructs his evening and sportswear collections. We love his personal office with the painting of a Jonathan Blake design by artist Franco Mondini-Ruiz. 4544 Post Oak Place Blvd., 713.960.1514; Megan Pruitt Winder BEAUTY Marc Jonathan Tinkle of Jonathan Blake Marc Jacob Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer, $18 each Created by the man who has never shied away from pushing the boundaries, Marc Jacobs Beauty features an astounding 122 products, from Smart Complexion to Blacquer eyeliner, lash lifter and gel crayon, all in the blackest of blacks; Hi-Per Color lipsticks, blush, eye shadow, bronzer and nail polish; and Boy Tested, Girl Approved unisex options for lip balm, brow gel and concealer. Exclusively at Sephora, launching August 9. Megan Pruitt Winder AUGUST | PAGE 4 | 2013 JACK THOMPSON Hiram Butler Jim Kastleman, publisher Ancient Greek Sandals' Ikaria Winged sandals, $230 DESIGN (Insider) DIALOGUE W spooked us with stories of the Marfa lights to finally see them — and 20 years since first reading about Donald Judd and the art scene in The New York Times. (I've been feeling inadequate that I never made the journey — but no more!) The trip was good-ole Texas at its best — hot, dusty, native … and outstanding. Now, off to Eastern Europe for two weeks. (Can you say polar opposite?) This is Zuzana's birthplace and my ancestral homeland. It will be Prague, Mozart and haute Bohemianism. Oh, yes, I like dichotomies. There was a mythical Greek God named Hermes, Ancient Greek Sandals' Gladiator and he didn't make handbags or H belts. The son of sandals for Marios Schwab, $390 Zeus, he wore winged sandals as a messenger of the Gods and zipped between the worlds of the mortal and divine. Shoe designer Christina Martini and her aptly named Ancient Greek Sandals has re-envisioned Hermes' flying footwear with handmade leather winged designs for mortals (man, woman and child), especially striking in metallic. Or strap on the spectacular gladiator sandals from the Marios Schwab collaboration, and get in that arena where you belong. At Abejas, Katia Boutique, Sloan/ Hall,,; Kate Stukenberg Parties: Houston Grand Opera Ball, Society for the Performing Arts Gala, Moores School of Music Dinner Concert 20 Jim Kastleman with Olivia and Ben in Big Bend, West Texas, with Mexico in the background

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