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Loving Givenchy at Neiman Marcus DANIEL DRIENSKY Luxury proprties – Utmost discrtion 713·558·3318 Villa Amarilla, Anguilla Nicholas Munafo, Jessica Barlow Ken Downing F ragrance fans sniffed, sipped and snacked during a preview of Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy at Neiman Marcus Downtown. Fashion director Ken Downing hosted the intimate get-together, assuring the assembled that this intoxicating mixture of citrus, floral and wood would sweep the senses. After taking in the scent and scenery, guests got an eyeful of Givenchy's fall ready-to-wear during a petit fashion show. Those in the know: Lauren Kennedy, Beth Shapiro, Brittany Wyeno, Kristina Wrenn, and NM's own beauty guru, Hazel Wyatt. Savannah Christian Superbly poised on the premier Caribbean island of Anguilla, 9,000-square-foot Villa Amarilla offers an island lifestyle paired with ultra-modern, state-of-the-art convenience: panoramic views across deep cobalt-blue water; spacious air-conditioned bedroom suites, open to the ocean breeze; lavish private 5 bedroomS piney point vilage piney point vilage piney point vilage 252 piney point road 5-6 bedroomS 6 bedroomS 4-5 bedroomS visit Barbara Buzzell, Shelle Sills w ww .m ecom prop erti es .com 713·558·3318 Sharon Kramer, Joe McMahon David Koca, Erin Mathews Christie Sheffield, Laura Noble Cara Raffe, Marjon Zabihi Catharine Flagg, Kelle Jackson Mandy Taylor Moore Brandon Navarro NOVEMBER | PAGE 31 | 2012 Nancy Gopez, Olivia Kearney Katy Bock Jason & Re Williford

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