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January 2016 - Houston

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9 8 8 9 We s t h e i m e r R o a d , H o u s t o n , T X 7 1 3 . 7 8 7 . 9 4 9 4 c a n t o n i . c o m @ c a n t o n i d e s i g n C r e a t i n g e x t r a o r d i n a r y s p a c e s s i n c e 1 9 8 4 001hstd0510_643980.pgs 04.21.2010 13:36 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN 001dstd1009_621889.pgs 09.23.2009 14:28 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN TOM FORD PHOTOGRAPHED BY MARTIN SCHOELLER v i s i t t h e n e w pa p e r c i t y m a g . c o m . ALBERTO DALLAS NOVEMBER 2015 ST YLE | FASHION | SOCIAL Ford OPENS TOM INSIDE THE HEAD OF WITH A Tyler Shields' INTOXICATING LOMBARDI MEN'S STYLE THE WANDERER BIG THE DRIP BODY OF WORK ART: JEWELS 001dstd1110_661619.pgs 10.21.2010 15:06 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN 001hstd0612_696899.pgs 05.22.2012 12:51 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN 001dstd0708_576247.pgs 06.10.2008 07:40 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN 001hstd1209_628658.pgs 11.19.2009 17:41 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN TRAVEL * DESIGN * ART New WATCH HOUSTON AUGUST 2015 FILIPPO TATTONI-MARCOZZI FAMED MENIL TWO BUNGALOWS ST YLE | FASHION | SOCIAL DESIGNERS TO SUBVERSIVE MONOGRAMS & ELEGANT TATTOOS LEONTINE LINENS LEGACY OF Summer FROM THE ASHES OF RISES FALL 001dstd0509_604304.pgs 04.22.2009 11:37 BLACK YELLOW MAGENTA CYAN Making style happen since 1994

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