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O ur first cover for this bright new year reflects exactly what I wish 2016 to be: serene, misty and soft, with an unexpected and beautiful guest, in a place saved and restored from another era. A safe harbor in a sliver of the world. And crazy-long, skinny legs. I asked our art and editorial team to winnow down their 2016 resolution lists to one idea, place, thing or thought that will most lavishly change their day-to-day life. Francine Ballard: With oil in the 30s, I will embrace fast fashion. Michelle Avina: Read more and download the Oprah & Deepak Chopra app so I can have more patience:)))). Catherine D. Anspon: Take a chance on Houston artists and shop new spaces — Gallery Homeland, Cardoza Fine Art, BlueOrange, Scott Charmin. Discover and acquire the next Mark Flood. James Brock: 2016 marks my third year in Texas, and my resolution — other than attempting to find joy in the everyday — is to visit Marfa and Big Bend with loved ones and friends. Anne Lee Phillips: To continue collecting art for our baby (we bought her first piece at the Texas Contemporary in the fall). Chris Baldwin: Honor thy past and work to make sure more of Houston's great buildings are preserved in the teardown rush. The St. John's School and Heights Theater renovations should be models, not anomalies. Now about the Astrodome. Randy Powers: I'll be private. Private clubs. Private homes. Private people. Private planes. Jenny Antill Clifton: Eat only things that are green (at least for the first month of 2016); work out (for real) instead of getting caught up on emails; search for beautiful stories in the unexpected. Laurann Claridge: Give my new All-Clad Slow Cooker a serious workout this winter. Even if the temps never dip below 60 degrees, I'll play house frau and simmer up hearty winter stews. Hannah Swiggard: Cycle more. Champagne less. Jailyn Marcel: Master the Equinox class schedule. Cycling with Chad Neal is not for the faint of heart. As for me: I'm wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2016. Holly Moore Editor in Chief HUNT SLONEM 18 in this ISSUE JANUARY 2016 | STYLE | FASHION | SOCIAL 4 , 6 P O P. C U L T U R E . G O S S I P. 10 Decoration: What's new in the design whirl 22 Design: Inside the nest of colorist Sara Eliason 13, 16 Party: Dolce & Gabbana opening fête in River Oaks District Design: The new BeDesign emporium Party: Opening of Aria Stone Gallery 29 Party: Book signings and fêtes at The Houston Design Center Social Calendar: Your go-to guide for spring's top events DAVIDE MUNESTERI COFFMAN 8 Party: Catwalk for a Cure With Monique Lhuillier I t's hard to believe that we are in the New Year. I remember Y2K like it was yesterday: living in New York City and thinking the world would end at the stroke of midnight and every computer across the country would simultaneously crash. Sixteen years have passed, and thank goodness, we're still here working away on computers. What is most amazing is that PaperCity was a toddler in the year 2000, and 2016 marks our 23rd year in publication. We have had some wonderfully loyal advertisers that have been partners since the beginning: Louis Tenenbaum Estate Jewelers, now Tenenbaum Jewelers; Past Era Antique Jewelry; Tootsies; Armandos; Cafe Annie, now RDG Bar Annie, and more. While other businesses have come and gone, we have to hope that one measure of our advertisers' success and longevity has been from telling their stories in the pages of PaperCity magazine. We look forward to the continued growth of our beautiful print publication, now paired with the lively and witty, which further extends the PaperCity DNA. With each new year comes new ideas, fresh vision and hope. We eagerly anticipate spending the next year with you and (can't wait) for the many exciting changes it will bring! Monica Bailey Bickers Publisher Monica Bickers Holly Moore PC House + Art 26 T he afterglow of the holidays has a different kind of sparkle at Tootsies this month. A new display counter takes center stage via a capsule collection from Tenenbaum Jewelers — fruits of a nearly five-year enterprise between retail heavy weight Mickey Rosmarin and fine jewelry magnates Tony Bradfield and Kevin Black. The collaboration, curated by Tootsies creative director Fady Armanious with help from Bradfield and Black, will be comprised of one-of-a- kind estate jewels ranging in age and provenance from antique (pre-1915) and Art Deco to retro and vintage, with a few newer pieces sprinkled in. The initial objective is to make Tenenbaum's lavish offering more accessible without sacrificing the legacy of the business, so the collection at Tootsies is priced below $10,000 (with a few exceptions), with a sweet spot ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. Several pieces are under $1,000, including a Victorian ring (circa 1837-1900) and a Hermès enamel bangle. Inventory changes every 45 to 60 days to reflect the seasonality of the contemporary and ready-to-wear apparel on the floor. Expect a dazzling array of bold drop earrings and knuckle-grazing cocktail rings, as well as some interesting classics. Tootsies, 2601 Westheimer in West Ave, 713.629.9990, Francine Ballard T 'n' T… It's Dynamite COURTESY TENENBAUM JEWELERS COURTESY TENENBAUM JEWELERS T he McLaren name still has a sense of mystique in 2016 — although in some ways, these are the white whales of ultra-high-end sports cars. We've all seen a Ferrari or Lamborghini roaring down a city street, or shown off in a prime valet parking spot. McLaren sightings are much more rare; among the six- million-plus people in the greater Houston area, there are an estimated 50 McLaren owners. These British cars, which employ modified F1 race technology, attract devoted fans, such as at last summer's Sotheby's Auction in Pebble Beach where a rare 1998 McLaren F1 LM hypercar sold for $13.75 million. Within days, the new owner was spotted driving it all around Monterey. No mere museum pieces, these distinctive cars are meant to be driven. A new Houston dealership — the first McLaren dealership in the city — is betting on the idea that more of these supercar fanatics are out there, waiting for something different. McLaren Houston, which opens later this month, is the 16th McLaren showroom in the U.S. and one of the salvos in the reborn and reenergized English brand's campaign to make its cars more accessible. The 2015 debut of the McLaren 570s is $184,900 — that's nearly $100,000 less than the least expensive McLaren sold in the U.S. before. No worries, the McLaren 570s still boasts the 3.8-liter twin- turbo V8 and seven-speed dual- clutch transmission — the same components you find in a McLaren million-dollar hypercar, and it still has speed and power to spare with a 204 MPH capability and a 3.2-second zero-to-60 time. It's a fitting transformation for the brand inspired by legendary race car driver Bruce McLaren, a lead-footed maverick innovator who tragically crashed and died testing an experimental car at age 32. McLaren Houston, 16120 North Freeway, 844.663.0534, Chris Baldwin NO ORDINARY SUPERCAR COURTESY TENENBAUM JEWELERS Smoky-quartz cocktail ring with 4.90 carats of brown and white diamonds Bulgari onyx and diamond Arstrale Concentrica earrings Carnelian and diamond earrings in rose gold All of Houston's hot spots, fun fashion finds and beautiful people are now in one place: your inbox. Go to the new to sign up for our weekly edit feed. YOU HAVE CHIC MAIL McLaren 570s

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