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CHARLES DAVIS SMITH, AIA ROY RICHARDSON COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGN, HOSPITALITY: HOTEL, RESTAURANT OR CLUB FIRST PLACE: STAFFELBACH, LEAD ARCHITECTS ANDRE STAFFELBACH, CREATIVE PRINCIPAL, AND JO HEINZ, PRINCIPAL IN CHARGE; PROJECT DIRECTOR SCOTT CAVANESS; SENIOR PROJECT DESIGNER ART BLOODWORTH COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGN: RETAIL, ART GALLERY, BOUTIQUE, SPA/SALON FIRST PLACE: HERITAGE AUCTIONS, LEAD DESIGNERS CATHERINE RIGDON, ROY RICHARDSON AND JENNIFER VILLARREAL PROJECT: Chase Tower Fitness Center DESIGN CONCEPT: Referencing the striking geometry of the fitness center's architecture and its adjacent tower, a call-and-response theme was developed, where interior design and architectural structure engage in harmonious dialogue. Custom lighting echoes the structural complexity of both buildings, cascading from the dome's apex. This modern- day interpretation of a chandelier imparts interest and is a playful motif for the interior that visually captivates pedestrian traffic through its 360 degrees of glazing. To further the call-and-response motif, graphics, wall and floor coverings, and spatial planning complement the geometry throughout the facility. Transitioning from public to private space, an articulated, wood-planked wall identifies the respective men's and women's locker and dressing room entries. In counterpoint to the common areas, the subterranean oasis was designed with decision- makers in mind. Calming neutral tones, natural woods and stone, textural carpeting and a spare, Zen-like design all contribute to a sense of tranquility, conferring a respite from vigorous workouts and the rigors of executive leadership. JUDGES' REMARKS: "Wow ... amazing lighting! I would want to work out here." — Martyn Lawrence Bullard "Nice integration of architecture and design." — Timothy Whealon "Well planned, organized and executed." — Brian McCarthy RUNNER-UP: Staffelbach, lead architects Andre Staffelbach, Jo Heinz, project director Jonathan Grefaldon and senior project designer Art Bloodworth, for Olamaie Restaurant PROJECT: Insight into Chinese Design: a room setting at the 2014 Design@ in Washington, D.C. DESIGN CONCEPT: During the early 21st century, a middle class emerged within China, whose rising economic status financed creative innovation in various sectors of life. Contemporary design was the beneficiary of this new patronage, with designers and artists merging traditional Chinese values and design with 21st- century aesthetics. Song Tao led the movement with the founding of the Zizaoshe Furniture Collective in Beijing in 2002. The Collective strove for the integration of Chinese culture within design, while at the time Chinese designers were looking to European influences. The following pieces were featured in the 2014 Design@ exhibition in Washington, D.C., an event introducing the American public to contemporary Chinese design. The collection is presented by Zizaoshe and the Yiyuan Societies, who are dedicated to the promotion of cross-cultural understanding and exchange. It comprises many exciting, practical and sometimes frivolous designs, including the innovative pair of computer-generated, handcrafted stools from the digital lab of the up-and- coming young designer Zhang Zhoujie. The elegant lines and box forms of German Red Dot Designer Award winner Jeff Dayu Shi's bamboo chairs incorporate traditional Chinese materials and values with modern ease. Song Tao's Rebecca tea table marks the fusion of antique elm and strong cast-aluminum joints. JUDGES' REMARK: "Very well curated." — Brian McCarthy RUNNERS-UP (TWO-WAY TIE): Denise McGaha Interiors, lead designer Denise McGaha, for FGM showroom Emily Summers Design Associates, lead designer Emily Summers, for Emily Summers Studio 54 DANNY PIASSICK RESIDENTIAL INTERIOR DESIGN — USE OF SMALL SPACE FIRST PLACE: M. BARNES & CO., LEAD DESIGNER MARCI BARNES PROJECT: McFarlin Entry DESIGN CONCEPT: This small entry was made dramatic by painting the existing wood floor a crisp and classic geometric pattern of octagons and squares in high-gloss white and eggplant. The contrast of the dark eggplant color against the white background makes a simple pattern bold and accentuates the traditional staircase, with its contrasting dark wood banister and treads, with white balusters and risers. A slim console in black and gold with modern art above grounds the space. Painting the floors in such a pattern is a clever way to make an otherwise traditional home transitional and full of personality. JUDGES' REMARKS: "The geometric flooring is delightfully eye-catching, along with the dark wood and gold elements of the lamps." — Martyn Lawrence Bullard "Of course I like it — look at the floor!" — Mary McDonald "Graphic, fun and in harmony with the living room." — Timothy Whealon RUNNER-UP: M. Barnes & Co., lead designer Marci Barnes, for McFarlin Library/Wet Bar JANUARY | PAGE 22 | 2016

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