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R ienzi Society members convened in customary black tie at the Palladian-style John Staub- designed house museum to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the group's annual dinner. The ballroom was swathed in elegant French blue and crystals, and a superb dinner by Swift + Company of fried quail salad, petit filet and shrimp was followed by lemon pots de crème and almond Florentine cookies. The evening did double duty as a departure party for an important personage: Founding director of Rienzi Katherine Howe announced her retirement from the MFAH, and museum director Gary Tinterow offered a Champagne toast in her honor. More than 100 members raised $303,000 to benefit the MFAH's collection of European decorative arts and paintings, housed in the grand former home of Carroll Sterling and Harris Masterson III. Society members also previewed items available for acquisition and voted on what to purchase for the museum. Still on a Habsburg high from last summer's blockbuster exhibit "Habsburg Splendor," the group opted to acquire a stunning portrait of Archduchess Maria Amalia of Austria, Duchess of Parma, with the funds. Blue bloods: Chair quartet Christiana and Luke McConn and Marilyn and Christopher Winters; joined by Carroll Goodman, Meg Goodman and Mike Bonini, Elise and James Reckling, Isla and Tommy Reckling, Cliffe Reckling with Annie Amante, Pat Breen, Ann Trammell, Jeanie Kilroy Wilson, Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff, and Ann and Leslie Doggett. BY ANNE LEE PHILLIPS. PHOTOGRAPHY JENNY ANTILL CLIFTON. RIENZI SOCIETY'S SWEET 16 Alan Feinsilver Lisa Feinsilver Harry Holmes Cliffe Reckling Douglas McConn Ann Wolpert Gary Tinterow Margaret Williams Isla Jornayvaz Suzanne Montague Julie Baker George Howe Johann Zoffany's Portrait of the Archduchess Maria Amalia of Austria, Duchess of Parma, 1778, at MFAH, Rienzi Collection, funded by the Rienzi Society Katherine Howe Cindy Holmes Joseph Jornayvaz Annie Amante Chair Christopher Winters Chair Marilyn Winters Chair Luke McConn Isla Reckling James Reckling Elise Reckling Chair Christiana McConn Ann Doggett Leslie Doggett @ T H E H O U S T O N D E S I G N C E N T E R 2016 HOUSTON And the Winners Are … The PaperCity Design Awards at The Houston Design Center Winning Entries — and Two New Epic Awards The 2016 PaperCity Design Awards received 297 entries, and 2,000 photographs of projects were downloaded into digital libraries for our judges. Look for the winning entries and the judges' comments to be published in the October Home + Art issue of PaperCity magazine. REsiDENTiAl iNTERioR DEsigN oR ARCHiTECTuRAl DEsigN, uNDER 3,500 squARE FEET First Place: studioMet Architects, Shawn Gottschalk, for Spring Valley House. Honorable Mention: studioMet Architects, Shawn Gottschalk, for Aurora Duo. REsiDENTiAl iNTERioR DEsigN oR ARCHiTECTuRAl DEsigN, ovER 3,500 squARE FEET First Place: Rottet Studio, Lauren Rottet, for A Private Residence. Honorable Mention: Kevin Spearman Design Group, Kevin Spearman, for The Cottage on East Shore. REsiDENTiAl iNTERioR DEsigN oR ARCHiTECTuRAl DEsigN, BEDRooM First Place: Marie Flanigan Interiors, Marie Flanigan; architect Robert Dame, for Regal Retreat in Piney Point. Honorable Mention: Avondale Design Studio, Ben Johnston and assistant Kathryn Berardo, for Remix/Refresh Bedroom. REsiDENTiAl iNTERioR DEsigN oR ARCHiTECTuRAl DEsigN, KiTCHEN First Place: Kuhl-Linscomb Design, Meedi Hidalgo, for Art House. Honorable Mention: Truitt Foug Architects, Carolyn Foug and William Truitt, for Montrose Residence. REsiDENTiAl iNTERioR DEsigN oR ARCHiTECTuRAl DEsigN, BATH First Place: Lauren Haskett Fine Design, Lauren Haskett, for Johnson Powder Room. Honorable Mention: Intexure Architects, Rame Hruska and Russell Hruska, for Tripartite Master Bath. REsiDENTiAl iNTERioR DEsigN oR ARCHiTECTuRAl DEsigN, DiNiNg oR ENTERTAiNiNg sPACE First Place: Kuhl-Linscomb Design, Meedi Hadlago, for Art House. Honorable Mention: Masa Studio Architects and Silvan Homes, Mark Atkins, for W. Drew. REsiDENTiAl iNTERioR DEsigN oR ARCHiTECTuRAl DEsigN, CHilDREN's RooM First Place: Creative Tonic, Courtnay Elias, for Teenage Mod Retreat. Honorable Mention: Henry Kate Design Company, Melanie Metting, for Baby Nursery. REsiDENTiAl iNTERioR DEsigN oR ARCHiTECTuRAl DEsigN, usE oF sMAll sPACE First Place: Sally Wheat Interiors, Sally Wheat, for Marshall Parlour. Honorable Mention: Kuhl-Linscomb Design, Meedi Hidalgo, for Willowick. CoMMERCiAl iNTERioR DEsigN, HosPiTAliTy: HoTEl, REsTAuRANT, CluB First Place: MC2 Architects, Chung Nguyen, for MF Sushi restaurant. Honorable Mention: gindesignsgroup, Gin Braverman, associate designer Ginny Schneider, for Ruggles Green. CoMMERCiAl iNTERioR DEsigN, RETAil: ART gAllERy, sHoWRooM sPACE, BouTiquE, sPA/sAloN First Place: Gensler, Yishio Kuo, for Totally Carpet Showroom and Salon. Honorable Mention: Gensler, Lisa Pope-Westerman, for de Boulle Diamond and Jewelry Boutique in River Oaks District. HisToRiCAl, REsToRATioN/PREsERvATioN, REsiDENTiAl oR CoMMERCiAl First Place: Murphy Mears Architects, Kyle Humphries, for Mid-Century Remodel. Honorable Mention: kinneymorrow Architecture, Michael Morrow and Taryn Kinney, for Kane Street Office. BEsT iN PRoDuCT DEsigN First Place: La Nova Tile Importers, Erick Calderon, for ReTHINK! Tile Houston Streets. Honorable Mention: NicolaRixArt, Nicola Rix, for Colorful Art. CoMMERCiAl iNTERioR DEsigN, oFFiCE, THEATRE, sPiRiTuAl oR PuBliC sPACE First Place: Rottet Studio, Lauren Rottet, for Paul Hastings LLP, Chicago Office. Honorable Mention: Powers Brown Architecture, Jeffrey Brown, John Cadenhead, Jeanette Shaw, Rudy Pagsanjan, Elizabeth Longstaff, for Intermarine Shipyard Office. REsiDENTiAl ouTDooR liviNg sPACE, gARDEN oR Pool First Place: Dillon Kyle Architects, Dillon A. Kyle, for West Eleventh Place. Honorable Mention: Brett Zamore Design, Brett Zamore, for Peddie Street Backyard Retreat. susTAiNABlE DEsigN, CoMMERCiAl oR REsiDENTiAl First Place: studioMET Architects, Yoon You, for Emory House. Honorable Mention: Adams Architects, Joe Adams, for The Lighthouse. Epic AwArds The Epic Awards are bestowed upon projects that stand alone in their scope, brilliant design and service to Houston. The Epic Award for Historic Preservation goes to the Alley Theatre Renovation, by studio Red architects. Architects: Pete Ed garrett, Jared Wood, gwyndolyn Mowbray and designer Kathy seal. The $46.5 million preservation and renovation of the Alley Theatre by studio Red restores architect Ulrich Franzen's 1968 Brutalist masterpiece while providing 21st-century state-of-the-art technological tweaks while making for a more intimate live theater experience for audience and actors alike. The Epic Award for Public green space goes to Buffalo Bayou Park, along with Buffalo Bayou Partnership, designed by sWA group landscape architects. Principals: Michael Robinson and Jiyoung Nam. One of the largest green gifts in America in recent memory ($30 million given by the Kinder Foundation) inaugurated a $58 million decades-long master plan for Buffalo Bayou Park. The transformative, reborn outdoor space administered by the nonprofit Buffalo Bayou Partnership remakes Houston's primordial waterway into a new 160-acre swath, 2.3 miles in length.

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