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ISABELLA ROSSELLINI, NYC I was back in the States, and Guy called to ask if I wanted to come to New York for a shoot with Isabella Rossellini. Uh, let me think about that for a minute … We went to Isabella's apartment. Guy did some photos of her with light coming through the blinds. After a few hours, Guy, Isabella, and I hopped into a limousine and headed down to Battery Park, where Guy wanted to shoot. Along the way, I said something to Isabella about how much I loved Blue Velvet and her appearance in the movie. She stared out the window of the limo without speaking. I didn't push it. TIQUE MAGAZINE, OSLO Either Guy was tuned into the universe in some way, or he was very lucky. Doing a shoot for the magazine Tique, we were on a little hill in a small park somewhere in Oslo. The models were dressed in fur coats. As soon as I handed the camera to Guy, a pack of about 20 dogs descended on the area and started circling the models. The dogs began fighting with each other, some very aggressively. Guy clicked away telling the models to ignore the dogs. I'm sure it was difficult for them. The scene was mayhem, but they persevered. As soon as the roll of Polachrome ended, the dogs vanished. I stuck the roll in the processor and started development: frame after frame of gnashing teeth; dogs in mid air; all four paws completely off the ground. It was a bizarre happenstance, to say the least. Or, maybe, that was just Guy. Richard Krall is a Dallas-based photographer and filmmaker. Most recently, he was director of photography for a soon-to-be-released music video, shot in L.A. for Nikola Bedingfield. He has photographed numerous campaigns for Stanley Korshak, Neiman Marcus, Galleria Dallas, BeautiControl, and NorthPark Center. GUY I knew THE (continued from page 48) Isabella Rossellini by Guy Bourdin, 1988 TOP TEAM the AT ALLIE BETH ALLMAN & ASSOCIATES

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