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40 TOASTING DECADES By Christina Geyer Photography Jonathan Zizzo I t was the perfect storm. The days leading up to PaperCity's 20th anniversary party called for perfect weather: partly cloudy, not too muggy, and zero percent chance of rain. And then, because this is Texas, three hours before the bash was set to commence at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek's gorgeous new outdoor lawn space, that zero percent changed to 40 percent. By 7 pm it was pouring buckets — the kind of only-in-Texas storm that comes just as fast as it goes. Needless to say, the outdoor decor, which had been flawlessly designed by Todd Fiscus and his event wizards, was a bit too damp for guests, and a quick decision was made by our events and partnerships manager, Kaley Hanna and the Mansion's wonder team (Tracy Fitz, Terry Shields, and Erica Hoelscher) to move everything inside. And so it was that we found ourselves in the Mansion's ballroom and promenade, awaiting the arrival of 300 of our closest friends, scurrying to transform the gorgeous space into a setting that befit the PaperCity bash we had promised. Two IT WAS THE 20TH ON THE 20TH: PAPERCITY'S 20TH ANNIVERSARY BASH, HELD ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, AT THE ROSEWOOD MANSION ON TURTLE CREEK, PROVED A MEMORABLE NIGHT — COME RAIN OR COME SHINE. (continued on page 42) DJ Lucy Wrubel Nancy Gopez, Kate Rose Marquez Rhonda Sargent Chambers Doug Voisin, Sara Blacketer Tracy Glesby, Tory Erlacher Terry Shields, Emily & Don Mamone Missy Peck, Hillery Stack, Kaley Hanna Taylor Zarakin, Sarah Haemisegger, Kristin Casner Ryan Bushman, Al Tidwell Lisa Collins Shaddock, Samantha Olguin Christina Geyer John Reoch, Matthew Trent The Roberto Cavalli pack Maggie Kipp, Melinda Knowles Tyler Hays, Meredith Marceau

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