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59 stripes, paired with Ralph Lauren Purple Label slippers. How about a Mad Lib? When I drink [COCKTAIL] in [CITY], expect [DESCRIPTION]. When I drink Hennessy in Vegas, expect Hennything possible! It's 1962. When asked your cocktail order by Don Draper, you reply … I would request a Penicillin. Favorite Dallas lounge. The Statler rooftop is swanky, hip, and has a dope- ass view! Hair of the dog. Gatorade. But my secret is to take a multivitamin before I go to sleep. If you were a cocktail. I would be an old-fashioned because I'm classic, sweet, and strong. NATALIE CHU Standard cocktail. Straight-up bubbly — the French kind with fine bubbles, please. The warm, flat stuff served on a certain domestic airline in first class, with fat bubbles, is just fake news! If I had to pick a standard cocktail, what self-serving, true-blue Singapore girl wouldn't choose the Singapore Sling served at The Long Bar at the Singapore Raffles Hotel. Cocktail outfit. If I'm at the Long Bar, taking into account Singapore's sultry nights, probably something appropriately (!) baring some skin. Favorite Dallas lounge. Cru, West Village, because Chef Freddy makes me a killer truffle burger, off menu, paired with a luscious Bordeaux. Hair of the dog. Apparently, it is to keep going with more of the same alcohol I had the night before. So I've been told ... Shaken or stirred. Don't mess with my bubbles. If you were a cocktail. A Chambord Royale living out my princess dreams. JAN SHOWERS Standard cocktail. I love a simple Chopin and soda (no fruit; love the taste of vodka). Vodka gimlets run a close second. Holiday party cocktail. We are pretty predictable — love Cristal! We seem to enjoy that the most with our New Year's Eve caviar and blinis. Always at home. Never go out for NYE. Barware. I have collected vintage barware for years. It's so glamorous and useful. Cocktail outfit. Sometimes it's a favorite kimono with no makeup, if I'm at home with Jim. Favorite Dallas lounge. Nobu makes the best martini in Dallas — they shake it for me at the table. Hair of the dog. I try really hard not to need that … Would probably have a hamburger from Burger House instead. Shaken or stirred. Shaken, always. Love a cold, cold drink with ice crystals (bruised). If you were a cocktail. I would like to be as cool as Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief, but think I'm a bit warmer than that. I do love glamorous martini glasses, so it would definitely be in one of those. BRADLEY AGATHER MEANS Standard cocktail. A vodka martini — extra dry with onions. No olives. Not ever. I have a strong aversion to olives. Holiday cocktail. Margaritas. I sprinkle Tajín along the rim for a festive (and spicy!) touch. Barware. I love champagne coupes. I much prefer them to flutes. This is based purely on aesthetics, of course. Cocktail outfit. Something with feathers. This means a dance floor is most certainly on the agenda. Favorite Dallas lounge. The Mansion. I think the cheeseburger is the perfect pairing with a vodka martini. Hair of the dog. A green juice. I start the detox process right away. (In the alternative, I'll just head straight to Maple & Motor.) Shaken or stirred. It doesn't matter to me as long as the vodka is good and the result is ice cold. If you were a cocktail. A martini. Straightforward, classic, and sees no reason to overcomplicate things. over-served when visiting me in Mexico. Here is my secret recipe à la MN: homemade Bloody Mary mix, Victoria Mexican beer, freshly squeezed lime juice, a pinch of horseradish, and a raw egg — served over ice in an etched cocktail copa. Shaken or stirred. Shaken, obviously. It is always better to shake things up than stir the pot. BRAD KELLY Standard cocktail. Vodka and grapefruit juice, splash of club soda, and lime. Generally Tito's and always freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. If it's not fresh, I default to a vodka soda, squeeze of lime. Barware. The lowly corkscrew. Have you ever tried to uncork a wine bottle without one? Not easy, nor fun! Cocktail outfit. For summer: white jeans, a linen button-down, colorful driving mocs. For winter: blue jeans, a turtleneck, blazer, and Belgian loafers. It's 1962. When asked your cocktail order by Don Draper, you reply … Vodka martini — up, two olives. Favorite Dallas lounge. Alice, because it's fresh, hip and unexpected (worth going for the wallpaper alone); Hillstone, because it's convenient and familial; and the Mansion, just because! Hair of the dog. I try to avoid any hair- of-the-dog type drinks. In the olden days, it was a Bloody Mary or a chocolate shake from the original Goff's on Lovers Lane. If you were a cocktail. Probably a margarita. I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good margarita! JASMOND HARRISON Standard cocktail. I prefer anything bourbon because I like a drink that complements me — brown, smooth, and easy to go down. Cocktail outfit. My suit would be navy Thom Browne, slim-fit, with the classic three The bar at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek Harry's Bar, Venice The French Room at the Adolphus PAR BENGTSSON

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