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42 Your 20-year anniversary was two years ago. How does it feel looking back? Sometimes it's kind of clinical, because it's like looking at your own arm. And then sometimes it's a trip, like "Oh my god! I'm looking at my own arm!" I have these weird moments that fluctuate from one to the other. It's hard trying to make sense of things, of figuring things out, as diverse as they may be — and that's a whole other enchilada in itself. Fashion often gets people in the doors who may not go to Dallas Contemporary otherwise. I'm just rolling with it and hoping it's something that inspires people, excites people, and puts a smile on people's faces. You and I first met in 2016, when you were here for an event at Forty Five Ten. There were lines out the door. I always feel so welcome in Dallas. It slightly seems like I'm in Kansas City, where I'm from. It's this natural down- home, comforting feeling being here, but it's all new people, all new things. It's definitely more glamorous. That last visit was when you met the Contemporary's director, Peter Doroshenko. This show is a long time in the making. We had talked about it having a different date around the 20th anniversary. And a year ago, I decided to postpone. I didn't think it was the right time … So, yes, it's been a process. And now it's finally here, right up upon us. How involved were you in in collaborating with Dallas Contemporary? The whole thing. I chose the person who did the construction and the setup and how it's all displayed. I chose all the clothes and thought about the different kind of notes I would like to touch upon. One hundred percent, I've been in it to win it since the beginning. In a way, you're curating your own exhibition. The choice of the clothes has been left KING OF POP WHAT HAPPENS WHEN FASHION DESIGNER JEREMY SCOTT IS GIVEN FREE REIN TO INSTALL MORE THAN 20 YEARS' WORTH OF FASHION INSIDE OUR CITY'S MOST RISK-TAKING ART SPACE? LET'S JUST SAY IT'S THE SORT OF SPECTACLE THAT WILL HAVE YOU SHOUTING, "VIVA AVANT GARDE!" ON THE EVE OF HIS DALLAS CONTEMPORARY DEBUT, SCOTT TAKES A BREAK FROM THE INSTALLATION TO CHAT ABOUT THE SHOW THAT WAS MORE THAN TWO YEARS IN THE MAKING. BY CHRISTINA GEYER. PHOTOGRAPHY KEVIN TODORA. Jeremy Scott at Dallas Contemporary Moschino Pre-Fall 2017

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