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K ips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas has premiered, and the reviews are in: They're joyous and exalt the interiors created by 27 designers who were accepted, by invitation only, to design a room, impeccably orchestrated by Kips Bays' Nazira Handal. Overheard at the VIP preview: "I need this glorious de Gournay canary-yellow wallpaper in my guest bedroom." "Can't that adorable Chad come over and have my ceiling painted with wondrous birds." "How I've lived without a gossip nook in my powder room, I'll never know." After months of staring at the Schumacher wallpaper on our own walls, we longed to go out — to rip The Social Side of Kips Bay The deSignerS and roomS are gloriouS, buT So iS The faShion. By Billy Fong. PhotograPhy Kristen and stePhen Karlisch. off the Lululemon workout wear and let that Veronica Beard windowpane blazer see the light of day. With honorary chair Jamie Drake, chair Jan Showers and vice chairs Chad Dorsey and Jean Liu, the planned opening-night party was derailed by COVID, but the fashionable flock rallied and procured tickets for a two- day monitored VIP peek at the glorious rooms, making their way — obediently and respectfully wearing masks — through the stunning Provence-inspired estate at 5828 Woodland Drive in Old Preston Hollow. Since it's likely been a solid six months since they last preened in their Manolos, I spotted a few girls who, like baby giraffes, were wobbling ever so slightly. Once they had a nip of the cocktails served after check-in (which included a temperature check), they seemed to get their sea legs and glided like swans through room after sublime room. For the preview days, the designers and architects were ensconced in their rooms, greeting and touring (see pages 39 through 45 for more on the designers and their rooms). Some of my favorite rooms? There are too many to count, but one has to be darling Doniphan Moore's suite of his-and-hers closets connected by a stunning master bath. Every detail was thought through, down to the clothing that he curated for the closets. The tuxedo hanging in the men's wardrobe had a slightly worn pair of black patent lace-up oxfords (his own) in situ. (Continued on page 60) Brian Bolke & Faisal Halum Russell Walker, Emily Moon Brant McFarlain Holly Hutchinson Harris Audrey Defforey Caitlin Wilson Christopher Donnelly Melissa Morgan Autumn & Marcus Mohon Nips at Kips Bay Honorary chair Jamie Drake, co-chair Jan Showers, Kips Bays' Nazira Handal, vice-chairs Jean Liu and Chad Dorsey 58

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