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Roaming the Rooms: Brian Bolke and Faisal Halum, DeeDee Lee, Anais Nussbaumer, Gerald Ford, Annika Cail, Stephanie Seay, Cami Goff, Claire Emanuelson, Shelle Sills, Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Caroline Whitman, Myrna Schlegel, Holly Hutchinson Harris, Jennifer Pereira, Ceron, Todd Fiscus, David Sutherland, Kelli Hermes, Karen Schoelkopf, Jordan Murphy, Zoe Bonnette, Mason Williams, Shelby Goff, Cameron Drinkwater, Courtney Genovese, Kathleen Sierra, Lynn McBee, Cammie Marrs, Lynn Torsch, and Olivia Kearney. Jason James Jones Kelli Ford, Electra Ford, Gerald Ford, Kirsten Fitzgibbons Brooklin Miller, Lauren Juden Emma Hammer, Felipe Avlia Jennifer Pereira Melissa Gerstle Cate Ford, Dina Arnott, Libby Ornani Caroline Whitman, Kimberley Schlegel Whitman, Myrna Schlegel Vivion Dimas Selwyn Rayzor Jessica Nowitzki R oger Winter has always been preoccupied with "recording reality in all its strangeness," in the words of biographer and art historian Susie Kalil. His works partake of wide-ranging influences: childhood memories of gospel hymns blaring from a loudspeaker atop the "Holy Roller" church near his home; strange totems composed of crows, foxes, angels, and old family photographs; rusted cars resting among chest- high weeds; faces reflected in the windows of a New York City bus. In this definitive retrospective of Winter's life and art, Kalil explores the myriad influences of the artist and his dizzying stylistic journey. 10x11. 362 pp. 212 color, 44 b&w photos. Bib. Index. $50 cloth NEW! The definitive biography of Roger Winter, one of the last surviving artists of the 1960s Dallas avant-garde and one of the most important American painters still working today Kirk Hopper Fine Art October 24-November 28, 2020 "Dallas Collects Roger Winter" Exhibiting major paintings from Dallas collectors @tamupress

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