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State of the Co-chairs Jennifer Karol and Catherine Rose march on. Art Ball Chad Vose "Downtown Artsy" propels a night at the museum to the top of the ratings. Merry Vose Maxwell L. Anderson BY HOLLY HABER. PHOTOGRAPHY BRUNO AND STEVE FOXALL. L eave it to the granddaughter of Stanley Marcus, Catherine Marcus Rose, and her co-chair Jennifer Karol, to bring some serious showmanship to the Art Ball while raising $2.25 million for the Dallas Museum of Art in the process. Highlighting the astonishingly perfect affair was the screening of a dead-on Co-chair Catherine "Downtown Artsy" video parody starring Rose and Co-chair Rose Karol, along with Maxwell Anderson, Deedie Jennifer Karol Rose, Cindy Rachofsky, John Eagle, Olivier Meslay, centenarian Margaret McDermott, and Mayor Mike Rawlings — all of whom were in attendance. "Hearing people laugh and clap during Art Ball, and now seeing the video on YouTube and the BBC America Web site, has just been too much fun," Karol said. "It set a perfect tone at the beginning of dinner — you could just feel people having a great time." Rose noted, "Margaret McDermott only required two takes and nailed her lines perfectly. The very best satisfaction came when a friend in NYC, who had not attended Art Ball, watched the YouTube clip and called us to share that she now Kacy knows every single sponsor. We worked Tolleson really hard to pull that off." Carter Tolleson In fact, the entire evening was designed to be "completely unstuffy," according to Rose. And was it. We loved the anonymous and mobile smartphone bidding for the silent auction; the absence of cocktail canapés that no one eats in favor of creative popcorn (bacon, truffle and caramel, anyone?); and the brilliance of funding perfectionist/caterer Cassandra with a Cartier bankroll for delectable lobster salad and Wagyu tenderloin. Kudos Kenny to Todd Fiscus for dramatizing the tent Goss with a nearly life-size facsimile of the orange steel Mark Di Suvero sculpture Joyce that lives at NorthPark Center and for Goss decorating tables with transparent box centerpieces filled with votive candles, the better to see your dinner mates. And the fashion! Lela Rose, in from NYC, whipped up a tomato-red gown to augment her sister-in-law Catherine's Lydia Courteille bird earrings, while Karol accessorized her slinky black woven-patentCeron leather Tom Ford gown with gold spangled black wedges and shiny metallic gold nail polish. "She's such a detail girl," Todd Rose observed. Fiscus Naturally, Deedie Rose wore a lovely dress by her designing daughter, Lela, while Jennifer Eagle, Cindy Rachofsky, and Stephanie Roberts donned Viktor & Rolf in tribute to visiting designers Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, who were in town at the behest of Forty Five Ten, and were rather bowled over by earlier tours of the Beck House, the Rachofsky House, the Warehouse and the homes of Marguerite Hoffman and Derek and Christen Wilson. "The art collections are amazing and then Cindy combined with the hospitality — it's so Rachofsky approachable," Snoeren said. The luminous fashion crowd included designers Bruce Hoeksema of VBH from Rome, Mary Katrantzou from London, and Dallas' Elizabeth Showers, plus merchant royalty: Sara and Michael Moldovan of Traffic Los Angeles; TenOverSix's Kristen Lee, Joe Cole and Brady Cunningham with husband Jason Schwartzman; Forty Five Ten's Brian Bolke; Grange Hall's Rajan Patel; and a Neiman Marcus contingent including Karen and Alan Katz, Ken Downing, and Tracy Hayes. Among the fabulous guests: Catherine Rose's mom Heather Marcus, Capera Ryan, Elaine and Neils Agather, Faisal Halum, Fiscus' best-tressed fiancé Ceron, Candace and Jim Krause, Sheryl Adkins-Green and Geoff Green, Sheryl and Eric Maas, Dan Rizzie, and Sharon and Michael Young. Deedie Rose Pop Rocks Joe Cole Kristen Lee Brady Cunningham Sara Moldovan Michael Moldovan Jason Schwartzman The Dolls Elisa Summers Stephen Summers Christen Wilson Viktor Horsting Alden Pinnell Brian Bolke Faisal Halum Rolf Snoeren John Runyon Lisa Runyon Janelle Pinnell Dogan Perese Will Rose Dwight Emanuelson Laura Noble Claire Emanuelson Ken Downing Michael McKinney Elizabeth Showers Sam Saladino Douglas MacMahon Catherine MacMahon

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