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TISHCOX THE DIARYof P BY AMY ADAMS. P O R T R A I T TA M Y T H A C A M E R O N . latitudes such as "good things happen to good people" are generally best left to after-school specials or painfully earnest greeting cards. But in the case of Dallas designer Tish Cox, it's only fitting that she have the modern equivalent of a discovered-at-Schwab's-Pharmacy story. More than 13 years ago, a friend requested that Cox make a dress for an important luncheon — a rather stuffy affair that became much more memorable once the inimitable André Leon Talley inquired as to the origin of the aforementioned frock. (Later that evening, Zac Posen posed the same question to the same friend, who was wearing a second Tish Cox design to a cocktail party.) Since then, the mother of two has cultivated an enviable clientele that shares a Pavlovian response to her unabashedly feminine ready-to-wear. Here, she shares a week in her life with PaperCity's readers. TUESDAY "Early Pilates at Body4Pilates, a private studio close to Cabana, where owner Michelle Hoffman has been kicking my butt for almost a decade. Quick stop at City Café for my first iced tea of the day. As far as addictions go, I guess I should be thankful that mine is City Café decaf iced tea. Throw on something cute post-workout — a Tish Cox, of course — and make it just in time to Cabana for a custom fitting for both motherof-the-bride and maid-of-honor dresses. This takes a bit longer than I anticipated, so I must run to catch a flight to NYC. Drop bags at my fave SoHo hotel and walk down to Cafe Gitane for my standard avocado toast, Moroccan chicken couscous tower and a minted iced tea — so good. Check in with my family and asleep by 10." TAMYTHA CAMERON Buvette ABC Kitchen THURSDAY "Tired! It takes my husband's latte (Noble Coyote coffee has changed my life!), Pilates and iced tea to get me going. Patterns and production until 2 pm and a late lunch and manicure with Christy Cummings at Sola Salon Studios. Twenty years ago when Christy started doing my nails, they were fire-engine red. This season's color is Essie's Guchi Muchi Puchi. I can't believe I am still in my workout clothes! While beautifying, I e-mail a few of my out-of-town stores to make sure they are all good. Tim meets me with the girls at Carbone's for dinner. Can't wait to get in bed early with Bitsy and Otis, my Himalayan cats, and my iPad mini to catch up on and WWD." SUNDAY "Excited to get to Cabana and get back to making Dallas gals cute. First, run by the office to check in and pick up customer orders, then head to the store. Share NYC news with Cabana girls. Fridays are always so fun and crazy! Before you know it, it is carpool time, and we are all out the door. I grab a quick bite with my mom, who runs full speed for me every day and never complains — she gets it done. Meet my family for early dinner at Olivella's for a metro rustica pizza and home early to unplug and wind down with my peeps." SATURDAY "Sleep till 9! Then, breakfast in bed made by my sweet girls. They are both amazing cooks, the result of lots of time spent in Grandma's kitchen. Meet a customer that can't make the weekday hours at Cabana and get her summer wardrobe complete. Tim and I drop the girls with my mom and dad and stay home and watch Moonstruck for the 42nd time." TAMYTHA CAMERON TAMYTHA CAMERON "Up early to approve family's outfit choices, then correct as necessary. Make a quick stop at my production facility to kickstart the week with my team, then head to Merry Vose's Cabana, where customers are waiting. It's such a blessing to have the opportunity to spend four or five hours several times a week seeing what women are loving and buying, plus hearing how good they felt the last time they wore one of my designs. Two o'clock comes fast, and Merry and I run to R+D Kitchen for a quick hamburger before going to carpool. Pick up my sweet 11- and 13-year-old girls from Lakehill Prep and hand them off to my husband, Tim. Back to my production facility to meet with my pattern maker and production manager to finalize a new style for fall. Head home around 7 pm, where my amazing mom — everyone calls her Grandma — has dropped off a cassoulet with braised leeks and chicken from her wood-burning oven. (You are never too old for your mom's assistance, and Grandma rocks.) Help my 7th grader study for a science test, then fall asleep around midnight." "Wishing Tim and the girls were with me for breakfast at Buvette — it's our favorite little restaurant in NYC right now. Cab to Midtown for the Première Vision fabric show to touch and buy for fall. Pop in to my NYC retailer Albertine for a quick visit, then grab early dinner at the bar at ABC Kitchen. Love how freshy-fresh everything is! Finally, a late flight home, where my husband is waiting for me. Fall into bed." TAMYTHA CAMERON MONDAY FRIDAY WEDNESDAY "Early church, followed by brunch at La Duni and back home for a homework check." JUNE | PAGE 18 | 2013

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