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Cinco + Seven Dazzling Days and Provocative Nights at the Dallas Art Fair, Year Five John Sughrue CATHERINE D. ANSPON RECAPS TEXAS' FIRST AND FOREMOST INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR. PHOTOGRAPHY JASON ACTON, PAUL LASTER, JENIFER McNEIL BAKER. Global Art Central at Fashion Industry Gallery H Cindy Schwartz Chris Byrne Lyle Burgin Jenny Mullen Lynn Burgin Marlene Sughrue Jennifer Karol ow to possibly cover an international art convergence that lured 8,000 visitors; 83 international, national and Texas dealers plus seven more in a special side fair; and Alison Cohn Megan spilled from the Fashion Industry Gallery to Meigs the Dallas Contemporary, with a few hot parties at Sue The Joule Hotel, The Goss-Michael Foundation and Fair Beth the Nasher Sculpture Center. Well here goes — our Howard Anne Shapiro Rachofsky fave experiences from the Dallas Art Fair 2013, Underwood Cindy Rachofsky year five. Opening night: We arrived on the late Viktor side, but the Preview Gala kept going for Horsting an extra hour (which never would have happened with a convention center setup; we've even had lights pulled on a photo shoot during Art Basel Miami Beach) while Rolf Snoeren we chatted up co-founder John Sughrue. Jeffrey He revealed that Hudson (the Prince of the Nini Grove Nguyen art world, he does not use a last name) had Ricky Grunden nearly sold out his Feature Inc. booth stocked Laurie Ann Lisa with Douglas Melini's geometric op paintings. Nadia Farrell Cooley Dabbakeh We saw a who's who of the Texas art world, including exhibiting icon Betty Moody, in from Houston; Galveston Arts Center's Clint Willour; Dallas collectors Cindy and Armond Schwartz, dashing into Danese's booth; Dallas-based curator James Cope and social practices activist Cynthia Mulcahy and artist husband Robert Hamilton; and NYC powerhouse exhibiting dealers Tanya Grunert and Marlborough's Michael Gitlitz, all brushing Christen Bruce Wilson up against Forty Five Ten's Brian Bolke and his posse, Perlstein including the inimitable Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren, Gracia Perlstein holding court and creating a jam in the F.I.G. atrium. The next morning, bright and early co-founder Chris Byrne texted, "Please come to Seven at Dallas Contemporary at 11 am." So we obeyed. Our Houston contingent including artists Selven O'Keef Jarmon, Thedra Cullar-Ledford, and Saher Christy Karll and neo-jazz crooner Zoë Jackson-Jarra, Saman all headed to the fair-within-a-fair at the Dallas Elizabeth Guber Contemporary. The exhibition walk-through — there was one theme to Seven, the idea of "truth versus fiction," Kerry Inman explained, and it was installed like a group show, rather than a warren of booths — was stimulating, even inspiring. We were proud of hometown gallerist Inman and her trove of Hudson works by Whitney Biennial talent Dario Robleto, Jeremy Nancy and then we were thrilled to meet Pierogi's Joe Strick Whitenack Esther Kim Amrhein, founder of Seven, with his artist Varet Zoë Brian Conley whose recreation of actual battles Jacksonin Iraq and Afghanistan rendered as toy soldiers Jarra Joe Amrhein in dioramas was both tantalizing and chilling. Mike We were obsessed with the pop photographs Rawlings by British artist Boo Ritson, a standout with Mikki BravinLee programs; owner-director John Rawlings Post Lee let us in on the process, which included the model being slathered in paint head to shoulders then snapped Joshua Sam (talk about artifice and sacrifice). Von Ammon Saladino Wanda On to the Fair in daylight hours Dye yielded an afternoon of art coming at Kenny Dan us at warp speed. Personal highlights: Goss Rees San Francisco's Hedge and its exquisite Peter Doroshenko design-centered program curated by Walter Van Antonio Amertrano; meeting Misako Beirendonck Kelly and Jeffrey Rosen, in from Tokyo, Coppock with their jewel-box Misako & Rosen booth that not only sold out but shopped by the Dallas Museum of Christopher Art's Jeffrey Grove; tête-à-têtes with Martin Laura L.A. first-time exhibitors eponymous Anat Rathe Steve Ebgi and Various Small Fire's Esther Kim Andrew Christensen Edlin Varet, whose presentation for mid-career Lauren Christensen California sculptor Anna Sew Hoy alongside Jessica Jessica Silverman Silverman atmospheric abstract painter Amir Nikravan was nuanced and important. (Works by both Deborah Lisa Scott artists went to new homes; a DMA trustee Brown Capera acquired a Nikravan to join his Impressionists Ryan collection.) Dallas hospitality was warm, and a lot of the action also happens outside the booths. We enjoyed Erin a brunch Saturday morning at the One Arts Plaza Cluley sky pad of artist Jay Shinn and real estate man Tim Bethany Hurst, attended by Houston collector Poppi Massey Amanda Burke and Sanford Dow and met Dallas- and Munich-based Reed private art tour leader Halina Von Kempski Rakoszyn, who's rumored to have amazing access to some very tony European private collections that reside in castles. The art tale continues at ...

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