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In the Company of … It's a collection of things we surround ourselves with that make us feel good. This month is about enhancing our palettes and brains with condiments, natural wines, and books. The Prune cookbook has us feeling nostalgic about New York and when Prune restaurant might reopen. We're indulging in beautiful natural wine from Anders Frederik Steen, who brings water from the Mediterranean to treat his vines and whose wines are uniquely named ... And Suddenly She Had To Go is a personal favorite. Intelligence for Dummies: Essays and Other Collected Writings by the legendary Glenn O'Brien is a deep observation of American culture. Güeyu Mar canned foods from chef Abel Álvarez, reinvent the idea of tinned seafood. And Vinhos Aparte winery in Portugal reinterprets the natural wine process, with an ecologically friendly process that many believe to be the future of the natural wine industry. Intelligence for Dummies: Essays and Other Collected Writings by Glenn O'Brien, $35, through ZE Books, Michael Zilkha's literary mix- tapes publishing house, zebooks .com. ROE caviar, sustainably farmed by aquaculture in California, price upon request; personalized box available, at Above: Tartuflanghe mayonnaise with white truffle, $16, at The Heights Grocer. Right: Güeyu Mar chargrilled sardine tails, $23, at Light Years Wine. Prune cookbook, $45. Right: Il Farneto balsamico vinegar, aged six years, 250 ml $23, at The Heights Grocer. IN THE OF By Michelle Aviña C M N O A P Y Anders Frederik Steen's … And Suddenly She Had to Go natural wine, $69, at, Compañía de Sales cricket and ginger salt, $11.50, at LFM – Local Foods Market. Right: Empirical hot sauce 02, $19.50, at Vinhos Aparte Ambar natural wine $45, at Light Years Wine. 80

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