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14 own life as one of the first legally married Nigerian lesbian couples in the world. These social trailblazers have been embraced by the local small- town community since they closed on the acreage last December. Both have big-picture careers: Margaret, a physician, is chief medical officer for UnitedHealthcare Global and senior vice president; Moji is a realtor who was licensed as broker in New York, where she worked for decades, often flipping houses. Moji also has a fashion line of Afrocentric handbags, face masks, and scarves crafted from traditional Nigerian fabric, called Shuku Accessories. After they married in New York in 2017, death threats came from the homophobic Nigerian community, Moji says, so they decided to leave the city. By fate, the dog they had recently adopted was a rescue from Hurricane Harvey. "When we were thinking of moving, I figured it might be a sign from God," Moji says. In 2018, they began a new chapter in Houston. In 2020, looking to de-stress from their demanding jobs and being cooped up during the pandemic, the Solar-Wilsons decided to look for a country home. Five months into the search, this land with cabins, five miles from Round Top, became available. (Previous owners included Teague Tavern's Kiki and Don Teague, filmmakers who are considering making a documentary of their story.) "We went with the real estate agent to view this proper ty," Margaret says. "When we got there, we both looked at each other and said, 'My goodness, this feels like Africa.' As we walked the grounds, nostalgia just waved over us, and we began to think of the Africa we knew — the Africa that was hospitable and welcoming to all strangers. The Africa where homosexuality is actually tied up with spiritual giftedness. "We both decided this is something we wanted to share with the world … to recreate Africa in the heart of Texas so that people could come and experience what traditional, authentic hospitality Julie and Jason Alkire looks like for all, regardless of status group." The bonus for the Solar-Wilsons w a s d i s c o v e r i n g a t h r i v i n g community of culture and antiquing down the road. "Interestingly enough, we had no idea Round Top was right next door," Margaret says. "It's such a gem of art and culture and welcoming — truly a unique and special community. So it feels to us all the elements aligned. And it feels to us like a divine gift. It surely feels like home." Now the couple is sharing their vision with the world, hosting an African-themed open house Saturday, September 25, to officially inaugurate Solar-Wilson Village. "We're bringing in musicians from all over the place," Margaret says. "We're bringing in cultural dances, we're having African food — it's a whole weekend celebration. I t 's g o i n g t o b e a m a z i n g . " Solar-Wilson Village, 1810 FM 1291, Ledbetter, 713.955.7768, (Continued from page 46) COURTESY OUTSMART MAGAZINE Margaret and Moji Solar-Wilson

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