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farm. Before that, the longest we had spent at any one time was four nights. Last year, we lived there for six months, and it was the first time we were almost entirely by ourselves, without our usual merry band of friends around. There was nothing to do other than the kind of sitting and reflecting I had specifically built the farm to avoid. And in the quiet, I realized something: My children are growing up surrounded by people from all walks of life — farmers, chefs, designers, and doctors — who are all teaching them many beautiful and different ways to be. They are being raised with friends who are like family, and by parents who have hopefully taught them two lessons. (1) Sometimes you have to literally move the earth to set the stage for whoever you want to be or whatever you dream of creating; and (2) If you keep trying, you can turn hard times into a Goodthyme, and then you get to watch it grow. Bailey in front of one of eight greenhouses the couple built as part of their plans for a sustainable commercial farming venture. Farmer Jack Jones, pictured in the greenhouse. Photograph Jenny Antill Clifton. Opposite page, clockwise from top left: A charming seating area in the dining room includes an antique sofa. The pair of slipper chairs, upholstered in Jasper fabric, once belonged to Robert Denning and Vincent Fourcade. Living room walls are papered in de Gournay. Cast-iron tub in the primary bath is from Waterworks. The bright and sunny breakfast room has a custom leather banquette, and is papered in one of Miles Redd's favorite Iksel wallcoverings. In a guest bedroom, Miles Redd upholstered the walls, ceiling and bed canopy in a batik-weave fabric from Piece & Co. Biscuit Home bedding. "WHAT COULD BE MORE VALUABLE THAN TO IMBUE OUR SURROUNDINGS WITH THE MARKINGS OF OUR OWN HAPPY HISTORY? I'M ALL ABOUT KEEPING IT FANCY NOT FORMAL." — Bailey McCarthy (continued) 55

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