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O Corpus Naturals Santalum Natural Deodorant, $24, at corpus, . IN THE By Michelle AviƱa C M N A P Y Victoria Beckham hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free Matte Bronzing Brick, $58, at Nature of Things Superlative Body Balm to ease tension and soreness, made with boswellia, menthol, arnica, and curcumin, $75, at Kuhl-Linscomb,, Lesse Refining Cleanser with micro- exfoliating botanicals and charcoal, sustainably packaged, nonbinary and cruelty- free, $55, at, Gucci Westman Atelier Eye Love You Mascara, created from plant-powered technology with no silicones, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or animal testing. $58, at Kuhl-Linscomb, Welleco, The Super Booster Aquatic Collagen Skin+Hair+Nails 14-day sachet pack, $48, at Kosas Tinted Face Oil, $42, at Lemon Laine,, Rose 1845 sulfate-free rose shampoo by Lazarus Douvos with silk amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin, and argan oil, $50, at Kuhl-Linscomb,, David Mallett Vitamin Gel blend with Keravis multi- function protein complex, vitamin B5 to moisturize and magnify shine, and vitamins C and E, $40, at, The age-old adage that we are what we eat has come to embody many things in this modern world. As we strive for the natural, we try to distance ourselves from the synthetic. It's a strange juxtaposition. Increasingly reliant on technology, we seek evermore to get closer to nature. The products we use. The steps taken in their creation. Old becomes new, lost techniques are rediscovered, and old ways of thinking and doing become new once more. Life is about the sustainability of both our bodies and the products we engage with in this age of hyper-awareness. We seek out healing balms, makeup, and mascaras that are rediscovering what natural really means. This is the latest quest. This is The New Alchemy. Steven Hempel OF Sigil eau de perfume, with 100 percent natural plant oils, absolutes, and tinctures, $130, at Kuhl-Linscomb, Kjaerweis, lip gloss $22 at Kuhl-Linscomb. 80

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