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S ome girls simply need a reality show. This month's Bomb, Cami Goff, has a life that could garner stellar ratings on Netflix or Bravo. Her home alone, which is beyond chic, was a labor of love between Cami and interior designer Julie Hayes, and could easily encompass an episode or three. It's located on a plot of land with panoramic, sweeping views of tree-covered hills and a rambling creek. The design might be described as a mash-up of the playfulness of an über-exclusive members'-only club (à la London's 5 Hertford Street), a glamorous and decadent five-star hotel, and a white-cube art gallery. Cami says that many times when she wakes up and takes a look around her, she thinks, 'How in the world did this ever happen to me. God just blessed me.' I despise clichés, but when looking for ways to describe her, "Everything is bigger in Texas" just won't leave my mind. Cami's personality is big, and her ambitions for her families' companies and for the growth of her community are sprawling. If you were to ask Cami to name her reality show, she would say, "The American Dream." She and her husband, John, are both self-made, reared in families of modest means and educated at public schools. She grew up in Houston and attended Lamar High School. "During my senior year, I was already so ahead that I only had classes from 8:30 until 10:30 am. Then I went straight to Neiman's to model. I was saving money for college." She attended University of Texas and is a devoted Longhorn (one of her daughters is transferring there to start her sophomore year this fall). During our fabulously long conversation, she says, "That's a Cami-ism." Apparently, her family has decided that she owns certain phrases that are distinctly Cami. Perhaps my favorite Cami-ism is one that could be her mantra: "I don't transition well." By that, she means that she is so involved, invested, and appreciative of every moment in life that she doesn't often want to move on. She's happy, so why go somewhere else. Cami and John are a force in both the business and charity worlds. You can find their names on the donor list of most local organizations. At the moment though, they are focused on one very special institution. "John and I were invited to dinner by dear friends to hear about the project that the Jones Family is spearheading: the first National Medal of Honor Museum in the United States [scheduled to open in 2024], to be located in Arlington," Cami says. "Charlotte Jones is serving as national chair of the MOH Foundation, and her parents, Gene and Jerry Jones, are co-chairs of the National Leadership Council." Approximately 3,500 Medals of Honor have been bestowed since its creation by President Abraham Lincoln in 1861, and more than 60 recipients are still living, but "there is no museum to honor them," Cami says. "John and I were so impacted by the stories of courage, sacrifice, honor, service, and patriotism that we immediately joined as founding members and now serve on the National Leadership Council alongside the Joneses to raise money and awareness." This seems like the perfect next episode of The American Dream. Approximate date of photo. 1996. The occasion. One of Becca Cason Thrash's bashes in Houston. I believe this one was for Best Buddies with Anthony Kennedy Shriver. What you were wearing. Halston — the master of minimalism. What price fashion. Growing up without a budget for beautiful clothes, I learned how to make things work. I still love a bargain but also love splurging on one-of-a-kind items. I don't get rid of any great pieces; in fact, I still have this Halston in my closet! I now have three daughters and two daughters-in-law, and one of their favorite things is my annual "Cami- Downs" event, when I share clothes that now suit their ages and bodies better than mine. Why this is a picture. My personal style began to really take shape in the '90s and further evolved as I became more self-confident and could wear what made me feel feminine, strong, and sexy. This dress checked all those boxes. SHE'S THE BOMB CAMI GOFF B Y B I L L Y F O N G Cami Goff, 1996 80

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