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Top: Steve Wrubel's Brody, 2021. Above: The artist's Feather River, 2021. Most iconic vistas. SW: As I travel from state to state, photographing rodeos through Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington, I get to see magical lands, ranches, and monuments. While driving to Darby, Montana, for the Riggin' Rally, I took a four-hour stop in Shiprock, New Mexico, which is home to one of the most iconic Western landscapes there is, which is the erosional remnant of the throat of an ancient volcano. Blew my mind, and I wish everyone was able to see it. I photographed an invitational bareback and saddle bronc championship at the Cervi Ranch in Bonham, Colorado, located in the middle of the Pawnee National Grassland and an endless sea of prairie grasses with wild bucking horses chasing over rolling hills. My last trip west to California took me to a sunrise in Joshua Tree National monument, my father's playground when he was a boy. Christopher Martin Gallery presents Steve Wrubel's "Wild West Series" at The Halles, Round Top, March 19 – April 2; christophermartingallery. com,, 109 "The drive is all part of it. I can't imagine flying from state to state and town to town rather than driving every mile — looking, smelling, feeling, and touching the land and sky that is the American West." — Steve Wrubel

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