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R emember, a new bag is a new you — and a new you may be closer than you think. There's never a lack of options, and sometimes that's the problem. Here, we take a quick look at three new handbags that might be your next favorite. The Balenciaga XX bag honors the tradition of signing off with an XX (kiss, kiss). First shown at the Summer 2022 runway show, it utilizes the signature arched base of the Hourglass line but incorporates a wide, trapezoidal b o d y w i t h rounded corners and magnet- O ne of the great joys of visiting art and design exhibitions is the chance to see work never intended for the mass market. Collaborations large and small offer niche works that inspire through narrative and craft. Dior paired with French atelier Pierre Yovanovitch Mobilier at this year's Nomad St. Moritz for a collection of work entitled MIDI. Fifteen small creations including lamps, mirrors, serving trays, and an exquisite cigar box feature traditional woodworking techniques that elevate humble materials and showcase clean lines and form. This is Yo v a n o v i t c h 's second colla- boration with Dior, after his reinterpretation o f t h e D i o r Medallion Chair, f e a t u r e d i n PaperCity earlier this year. Price upon request, at select Dior stores. WE NEED A NICE COLLAB DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, BUT THE PERFECT HANDBAG IS A CLOSE SECOND close, curve-edge flap. Meant to be worn o v e r t h e shoulder or crossbody, it's available in six sizes and calfskin or shiny croc-embossed leather, both in a wide range of colors. The Fendi Peekaboo has been around the block a few times with multiple iterations, but it remains on our list of favorites. This year sees the addition of the Peekaboo ISeeU Petite and Micro Petite and Micro sizes. Made of buttery-soft nappa leather, the bags are offered in 12 vibrant colors, as well as exotics, with some of the same touches that make the larger versions so popular: a detachable metal handle for a bag charm, as well as an adjustable and removable shoulder strap and card holder. It's a small bag that can do a big-bag job, and one that's easy to carry all day when you want to travel light. The Bottega Veneta Flap is a great all-around bag with subtle and elegant details. The double flap allows the bag to completely close, while its tinted edges accentuate the silhouette. Lined with nappa leather, the single compartment is just the right size for essentials — and a little bit more. Bottega Veneta Flap Fendi PeekabooISeeU Petite Balenciaga XX Pierre Yovanovitch

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