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A FAIR FETES (Continued from page 20) F or the international g a l l e r i s t s i n t o w n ( d r e s s e d like international gallerists in frocks from avant-garde designers), local collectors, and Dallas artists (those with a patron who can help them score a ticket to the always sold-out event), Saturday night of the Dallas Art Fair means one thing: heading to The Eye Ball, the ultimate bash, which holds its own with the best of any Art Basel party. Hosted by Headington Companies, it's seen many memorable years since its launch in 2014. We'd forgotten what a spectacular spectacle was generally made of the green space in front of artist Tony Tasset's monumental sculpture The Eye. The entrance was through a dilapidated and ominous tunnel with a mad — and sexy — scientist at the end handing out watches (a fun update on wristbands), each with a slip of paper that proclaimed: TIME HAS EXPANDED AND CONTRACTED — NO LONGER A RELIABLE MEASURE. NATURE, T H O U G H , C O N T I N U E D HER COURSE. RELICS AND RESOURCEFULNESS ARE ALL THAT IS LEFT. The evening did not disappoint. Within a mash-up of tangled vines, abandoned televisions, and rambling brush, was a small grove of trees with swings out of a Fragonard Rococo painting, for those in need of an Instagram story. One might say it was Alice in Wonderland meets nuclear winter meets Kubrick mayhem. A highlight was shopping the EZ MART, a post-apocalyptic bodega filled with roadside- convenience-store fare: custom scratch-off tickets, children's toys (I snagged a bottle of blowable bubbles), booze, and Eye Ball- branded snacks. Spotted playing the night's version of Supermarket Sweep in the faux bodega were art advisor Ashley Tatum; Vito Cammisano; Doniphan Moore; Brian Bolke, fresh off the success of his epic DMA Art Ball, with husband Faisal Halum; Kristin Bray; Nikki St. George; and Forty Five Ten's Dianna Miller, Kyle Branch, Robin Wilkes, and Jordan Jones, the latter with her dashing husband Christian Munoz in tow. After the eye-popping affair, Nancy Rogers convened a small group at Carbone for a late-night dinner. Our festive little posse, fishing bodega goodies from blazer pockets and Lady Diors, included Kara Goss, Kristie Ramirez, Sheryl Maas, Keenan Walker, Christen and Derek Wilson, Tina Craig, and Leigh Anne and Dave Clark. It was quite the bustling scene when we arrived; as we table hopped — our favorite cardio — we bumped into Robert Weatherly and the owner of The Charles, Chas Martin. Needless to say, we were among the last to call this fabulous night, a night. Susie Straubmueller, Nickki St. George Nancy Rogers, Jeny Bania at Eye Ball Lindy & William Tyler Corley at Eye Ball Kenny Goss, Rebekah Lilli Victor Sebastian at Dallas Art Fair Diamond Mahone Bailey & John Bailey at Dallas Art Fair Rhonda & Fraser Marcus at Dallas Art Fair Tearlach Hutcheson & Erin Cluley at Dallas Art Fair Derek & Christen Wilson Stephanie & Robert Seay at Eye Ball Carolina Alvarez-Mathies at Dallas Art Fair Ruben Burgess Jr., JM Rizzi at Dallas Art Fair 22

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