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N ew York artist Mark G a g n o n 's u r n s r e s e m b l e h a n d - painted pottery — they were inspired by 1770s jasperware — but they're created from papier-mâché, a medium Gagnon is known for. This is his second collaboration with Houston's Tribute Goods founder, Karen Pulaski. The urns are available in sumptuous monochromatic hues of emerald, saffron, fuchsia, and sapphire, elevating trompe l'oeil to a new level. Each one-of-a-kind sculpture is 14 inches tall and priced at $5,200. Exclusively at Tribute Goods, Rebecca Sherman D uring the early 19th century, France was swept up in a frenzy for all things Egyptian, thanks t o N a p o l e o n 's campaigns there and the work of young scholar Jean-François Champollion, who deciphered hieroglyphics for the first time in 1822. King Charles X was among those bewitched, inaugurating a new Egyptian museum at his Louvre palace in Paris and appointing Champollion as director. Pierre Frey's new collection in collaboration with the Louvre honors the 200th anniversary of Champollion's discoveries. The collection, Merveilles d'Egypte, includes wallpapers, fabrics, and rugs, with faithful reproductions of Egyptian artifacts from the museum, along with fanciful interpretations created by Pierre Frey studio and artist Louis Barthélémy. Look for fabrics embroidered with wool on rustic linen, a plant fiber sacred in Egypt; jacquards and prints that recall hieroglyphs and frescoes in ancient buildings; and velvets that evoke jewels and ornaments of the pharaohs. Wallpapers in matte and pearlescent gold and metallic relief evoke the country's rich culture, including its remarkable temple bas- relief frescoes. Pierre Frey X Louvre Merveilles d'Egypte collection, to the trade at Culp Associates, Dallas Design Center, 1025 N. Stemmons Freeway, Rebecca Sherman DESIGN LIKE AN EGYPTIAN Abkaou wallpaper from the Pierre Frey X Louvre Merveilles d'Egypte collection ART & DECORATION PULP FICTION Mark Gagnon X Tribute Goods papier-mâché urn Hatshepsut wallpaper 46

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