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A ROUND UP OF HALLES HAPPENINGS FIVE FAB (Continued on page 38) B esides the alluring finds in fields and barns, this fall's Antiques & Design Show was defined by exciting events with a side of country. Cue The Halles, where PaperCity magazine and Round Top Publishers created five unique evenings to lure show-goers with down- home to elegant dinners, artful cocktails mixers, and bespoke boutique shopping experiences, with the finale being a raucous '70s-themed disco bash. The festivities began when Round Top's Royers Cafe partnered with California's The Prisoner Wine Co. for a Southern Decadence Dinner that was just that. Chefs Jamie and JB Royer whipped up three courses including fried pork chops with jalapeƱo gravy and ending with Royers' infamous Sweet N' Salty Pie topped by a scoop of Blue Bell vanilla. The evening began with a note of the avant-garde: Austin- and Manhattan-based West Chelsea Contemporary, a Halles exhibitor, hosted an art- centric cocktail as founder/co-owner Lisa Russell and gallery director Megen Litz held court, while WCC artists Wiley Ross and Bill Tavis displayed painting prowess. By Catherine D. Anspon and Candice Cowin. Photography Chris Pierre Bachman and Jordan Geibel. Kyle Healy at Royers Prisoner Wine Dinner Larry Olson at Sip and Shop Phillip & Jenny Van Dorf at Royers Prisoner Wine Dinner Beth Weishuhn, Britt Whyrick, Laurie Remick Wesley Ward, Andy Johnson at Royers Prisoner Wine Dinner (Continued) Lauren Wills Grover & Colin Grover with Paloma at Disco Cowboy

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