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N otables: Menil chair e m e r i t a L o u i s a S a r o f i m ; b o a r d chair Janet Hobby and Paul Hobby; Susan and François de Menil; museum director Rebecca Rabinow and Matthew Ringel; Almine Ruiz- Picasso and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, grandson of Pablo Picasso; Allison Sarofim and Patrick Seabase; collectors Penelope and Lester Marks, Leigh Smith, Jereann Cheney, and Judy Nyquist; gallerists Betty Moody, Hiram Butler, Barbara Davis, Janice Bond, and Britt Sager; and artists Rick Lowe, James Surls and Charmaine Locke, Nestor Topchy, and Terrell James. The Menil Collection Celebrates Years with CIRQUE (Continued from page 20) Barbara & Michael Gamson James Surls & Charmaine Locke Unicycle performer at Cirque Surréaliste Elizabeth & Barry Young Michael Govan, Heather Harmon Dana Lee, Almine & Bernard Ruiz-Picasso Patrick Seabase Allison Sarofim Surréaliste juggler Elsian Cozens Tripp Carter, Susan Davidson Maurine Ford, Charles McClelland Yvonne & Rufus Cormier SURRÉALISTE 22

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