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group show mounted by Brasil for a song; the work rose so quickly in value that it will one day put her first-born son through college. More recently, at Flood's CAMH opening night in 2016, everyone from trustees to skater kids left the museum carrying his signature Like paintings, picked up from a stack at the door — little knowing that technically they had looted artworks. After our photo shoot, Reeves and Flood took us art shopping, and we walked to the gallery's adjoining building on Taft. Reeves has quickly built one of the most thriving ecommerce art businesses in the country, boasting an inventory of mostly 20th- and 21st-century paintings, sculptures, and photographs that extend into the thousands, as well as a team that researches values and posts daily on all the de rigueur art-sales platforms. Flood is very familiar with the inventory and is a frequent Reeves habitue and buyer; he told us of the storage units he rents, stocked with works by contemporaries he admires and supports. The painter and Reeves are longtime pals. They have a relationship not exactly like Castelli and Warhol, because Flood has a phalanx of dealers around the world, but something based on shared affinities for a certain Montrose energy, aesthetic, and community vibe that existed here in the 1990s — pre- Internet and social media, and before the MFAH Core kids became superstars. We predict that time will rise again, like the phoenix, with "Mark Flood: A Guide for Nude Investors." Be there. Exhibition opening, Friday, March 3, 6 to 9 pm (the artist may or may not attend), through Saturday, March 25; Read the extended version of this story on Reeves Art + Design's backroom includes works by Chris Cascio, collaborators Nathan Sing x Matthew Reeves, Scott Woodard, and Matthew Reeves. Mark Flood with a work by Emmanuel Araujo Miles of art 28

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