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Organized by the Denver Art Museum in collaboration with The Phoebus Foundation, Saints and Sinners explores the artistic styles and subjects that flourished between the 1400s and 1600s in Flanders—better known today as the Southern Netherlands. Flanders was home to revolutionary artists, including Hans Memling, Jan Gossaert, Peter Paul Rubens, Jacob Jordaens, and Anthony van Dyck, who found new ways to depict reality, portray humanity, and tell stories that continue to resonate with viewers today. Featuring roughly 140 extraordinary works of art in a variety of media, from paintings to manuscripts, the exhibition opens a doorway into the past, telling the story of enterprising townspeople, prosperous cities, and an ever-developing society. These stunning artworks also detail stories about dreams and ambitions, fears and desires, and what it means to be human. On View Through June 25, 2023 Learn more and get tickets at FREEMAN FAMILY EXHIBITION FUND MARGUERITE HOFFMAN AND THOMAS WOODWARD LENTZ S a i n t s , S i n n e r s , L o v e r s , a n d Fo o l s : 3 0 0 Ye a r s o f F l e m i s h M a s t e r w o r k s is co-organized by the Denver Art Museum and The Pho ebus Foundation, Antwerp (Belgium). The exhibition is co–presented by Texas Instruments and PNC Bank and is supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. The Dallas Museum of Art is supported, in part, by the generosity of DMA Members and donors, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Texas Commission on the Arts, and the citizens of Dallas through the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture. Image: Festival of Monkeys (detail), 1633. David Teniers II. Oil paint on copper; 19 3/4 × 23 3/8 in. © The Phoebus Foundation, Antwerp.

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