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NATURE AND SCIENCE GENERATION Next DONORS PAPERCITY PROMOTION THE PEROT MUSEUM OF with F undraising is an art and a science — especially in Dallas, home of big and strategic philanthropy. However, when it comes to reaching the next generation of donors, that's a whole new challenge. Enter community champion and Perot Museum advocate Lindsay Billingsley. As a co-chair for the 2021 Night at the Museum, LAB Strategies founder Lindsay Billingsley made it a priority to identify the next generation of philanthropists in Dallas that would be inspired by the Perot's innovative offerings and overall community impact. "The Perot Museum is incredible to work with," Billingsley says. "The museum runs like a corporation with people who are open-minded, creative, best-in class, and possess a can-do attitude." The Perot Museum celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2022 — and, as anyone with a milestone birthday in the rearview mirror knows, you celebrate the past but keep looking forward. "We are extremely grateful to have a brand ambassador and former Night at the Museum co-chair like Lindsay," says Perot's chief development officer, Katherine Stenesen. "The museum's focus Texans of all ages to different aspects of careers — and life — in STEM, from the iconic TECH Trucks and rotating special exhibitions about trailblazers such as Jane Goodall to The Science Behind Pixar exhibit that has been a huge hit since it launched this fall. A prolific fundraiser, Billingsley focuses on maximizing the network of each organization and building upon personal and professional relationships throughout the community. She is not only a fundraising strategist but a donor herself, giving her a unique vantage point into the world of philanthropy. "I often ask myself, 'How does this make me feel? How does this resonate with me as a donor?'" she says. She personally reaches out to individuals in her realm of influence who show interest in positively impacting the community, offering personalized, thoughtful, and strategic reasons to give. Much of her success in recruiting new donors is the result of having a true knack for creating activities that engage the next generation. Billingsley has brought a fresh approach to traditional events, such as birthday parties, by curating high-touch experiences, including fossil digs with scientists and private parties at the museum. These for the future is on STEM and how it will impact the North Texas region, and how the museum is a critical component in developing those skills and that workforce. Billingsley recognizes the Museum's vital role in preparing the next generation of STEM workers, supporting schools and educators, and delivering exceptional exhibits key to experiential learning." The Perot Museum is constantly exposing North Night at the Museum 2021 90

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