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We've all been there: We're standing in a gallery, perusing an antique fair or market, or popping into a shop while traveling, and a work of art catches our eye. But we pause. We just don't know if it's the right piece for our home, 'Where could it work?' Sometimes we convince ourselves we'll find a place for it, only to return home with our prize and feel paralyzed by indecision. Thanks to Javier Burkle, a darling of the Dallas design scene, you can eliminate the guesswork, start filling bare walls, and choose art with confidence. From designing a flawless gallery wall to sourcing a collector's piece and finding the perfect way to incorporate family portraits into your home, Burkle's guide to curating and displaying art provides everything you need to know to assertively add art to your home. Which comes first: the art or the room? Javier Burkle: Great question! Sometimes just knowing where to start can take the guesswork out of curating a great art collection. If my clients already have a special piece of art they love, we start with that artwork and build the room around it. Otherwise, I begin by creating the room, and we keep our eyes out for the perfect piece art to complete and accentuate the space. Let's talk framing. JB: A frame can make or break a piece of art — and the room it's in, too. Think about what kind of statement you want the piece to make. Will it be a focal piece or a filler? Secondly, keep the framing and mat choice consistent with the room, as well as the aesthetic of the art. We also love mixing materials: If your existing art in a room is framed in metals, opt for a simple birch-wood frame for a new piece to add balance and variety to the space. Vineyard Frame Designs in the Dallas Design District is our go-to for beautiful framing. Gallery walls — yes or no. JB: Always yes to gallery walls! Have you ever noticed how guests always find their way to a gallery wall during a party? It's all about the mix and the way the images are hung. Where should someone start when sourcing a new piece of investment-quality art? JB: When choosing art, ask yourself: "How does the art make me feel?" or "What reaction do I have when I look at the piece?" We all want to be surrounded by things we love in our homes. Next, take the pressure off. Temporary art as a placeholder is a great option until you find a piece you love. We love sourcing temporary art at Juniper Art Gallery and when you find the perfect permanent piece of art, simply relocate the temporary art to another space around the house. Often times, art looks and feels different just by moving it to a new location. An Artful Approach: HOW TO CHOOSE AND DISPLAY ART WITH JAVIER BURKLE Javier Burkle PAPERCITY PROMOTION Javier Burkle SARAH LINDEN BRIELLE PARKER SARAH LINDEN 35

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